“In just three months since the implementation of Instant Bank Pay we’ve seen payment contributions increase by 25%. This is helping our customers reach their savings goals more quickly.”

Crawford TaylorCEO and founder, Nude

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• GoCardless helped Nude implement regular bank payments as well as one-off payments through opening banking-powered Instant Bank Pay • 25% increase in payment contributions from Nude’s customers with Instant Bank Pay

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Savings app for first time home buyers

Simpler payments help Nude reduce the complexity of saving for a first home

Nude’s mission is to stand up for first time home buyers, by making it really easy for them to save for a home. A recent YouGov survey highlighted the challenges for first time buyers, revealing that 46% of young people are uncertain about saving for their future. “The financial system around home buying can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be,” said Crawford Taylor, CEO and Founder.

That’s why Crawford and his team set up Nude, an app with a truly modern approach to saving that uses behavioural science to motivate users to reach their deposit target. “Take running,” Crawford said. “We know more people will hit their goals if they have a clear target to aim for, like signing up for a marathon, or getting friends and family to support them. So we applied the same principles to saving a deposit to buy a house.”

Within the Nude app, users are asked to visualise the type of house they want, and where they want to live. This is then linked to property prices, and the contributions people expect to make to their savings pot, to show them how quickly they’ll get to where they want to be.

Managing contributions with GoCardless 

Nude users can choose to make regular or one-off payments – which Nude calls contributions – to their savings pot. That means Nude receives money in a variety of ways, from regular monthly payday contributions, to single payments when people can afford them.

Behind the scenes, all Nude’s payments are managed by GoCardless. “GoCardless were early innovators in direct bank payments and we initially spoke to the team about Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs),” Crawford said. “At the time, the industry framework wasn’t mature enough, so we appointed GoCardless for direct bank payments, with the knowledge that the team would help us move to VRPs when the time was right.”

In the meantime, GoCardless has introduced Nude to instant one-off payments, powered by open banking. “Instant Bank Pay has been amazing for us because the payments credit our customers’ accounts more quickly and give them a much clearer understanding of where they stand.” 

“In just three months since the implementation of Instant Bank Pay we’ve seen payment contributions increase by 25%. This is helping our customers reach their savings goals more quickly — potentially helping them get the keys to their new homes sooner,” Crawford explains. 

It’s a win for all parties, as Nude customer and personal trainer (and a GoCardless user herself), Frankie Clark, explained: “There’s so much I love about Nude! The app is really easy and simple to use. When my income does fluctuate, I need the ability to be able to change it, because it puts way too much pressure on me. Or if I need to cancel a month, there's no fear that I'm going to be charged or things like that. Having that flexibility is really important, and also having the urgency and importance for it as well. It's a really sweet balance."

GoCardless: the right choice for Nude

GoCardless has been Nude’s payments partner since the startup launched in 2020. 

“We did an analysis of the payments market at the time and GoCardless stood out,” Crawford said. “When you’re pulling together the infrastructure to run a company, it’s really important to choose the right partners. GoCardless had a flexible offering. They delivered on time. The platform was easy to use and integrate with, and our developers found the documentation easy to follow. It all worked really well.”

And the Nude team is still sure they made the right choice today. “If GoCardless says they’ll deliver something, they do,” Crawford said. “The platform is very stable, and they're a nice bunch of people to work with, especially our Enhanced Customer Success Manager.”

Powered by direct bank payments of the future

Part of Nude’s mission is to surround first time buyers with an environment that helps them to make the best decisions with their money, and GoCardless supports Nude to enable this.

In addition to powering regular and one-off payment contributions, GoCardless underpins a number of Nude’s unique features through open banking, such as Gift Time and Ideas.

Gift Time allows users to share their savings goal with friends and family. “Instant Bank Pay instantly moves money from the friend or family member’s bank account into the user’s Nude account, so they see the effect on their savings goal immediately,” Crawford explained.

The Ideas feature relies on GoCardless for open banking access to customers’ bank accounts. Customers can see all their finances from a single location – the Nude app – which helps them make better decisions and achieve their goal more quickly.

Nude expects to work on more opportunities like this in the coming months. “100% of contributions that leave customers’ accounts and come into Nude come through GoCardless,” Crawford said.

We’re looking forward to the next evolution of payments in the form of VRPs that will make regular payments instantaneous too. This additional flexibility will be a game-changer for our customers and we’re delighted it’s not long before that vision becomes a reality.”

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