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Enrolled Agents: What are they & how can they help my business?

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When in business, you will need an enrolled agent. They are important personnel who act as the taxpayer representative; they help cover individuals and business tax returns. To become an enrolled agent, you need to observe ethical standards and have a sound educational background every three years.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

An enrolled agent is commonly known as “EA”; they possess unlimited rights to practice and have the highest IRS awards. That should be the simplest enrolled agent definition since they are also personal and business tax experts. An enrolled agent could have the same roles as the certified public accountants and tax attorneys. When you need to find an enrolled agent, bear in mind that they can represent you before any Internal Revenue Services and not at Tax Court.

A Brief History of an Enrolled Agent

The services of an enrolled agent started more than a century ago, and it was after the end of the Civil War. The enrolled agent search start when the citizens needed to get their confiscated properties like farm equipment and horses from the government. Enrolled agents were known to offer such services.

The Evolution of an Enrolled Agent

After many years, the roles changed to monetary relief claims, especially for citizens who had unfair taxes charged on their income tax. The evolution continued because of income tax, gift tax, estate tax, progressive tax and other tax collections.

There have been additional duties to the new role of an enrolled agent. Some of them include preparation of multiple returns and filling of forms. That is one of the reasons people have a hard time comparing the enrolled agent vs CPA. An enrolled agent needs to learn about taxpayer advocacy. It is a marketable skill since they can negotiate with the IRS on behalf of the clients. There is no limitation on their roles; primarily, it is what taxpayers enrolled agents can represent and tax issues they can handle.

What is the Role of an Enrolled Agent?

An enrolled agent will help your business by representing all taxpayers before the IRS. They are tax professionals with authority to work from the federal government. With their unlimited rights, they can help and advice businesses, trusts, corporations, and other entities. An enrolled agent will relieve you of tax return preparations and guide you on any concerns relating to tax. As a business owner, you might need to deal with the IRS. Since it is evident that an enrolled agent is an expert any business needs, you need to know the various ways to find an enrolled agent.

How to Find an Enrolled Agent

It is not a complicated process; you can start by visiting the NAEA website. It is a great platform to get a comprehensive list of enrolled agents within your area. You have a guarantee of competent EA since NAEA work under ethical rules and regulations. You can also look for companies that offer tax preparation, and they are in a position to provide links to experienced enrolled agents. You can recruit some from law firms, accounting firms, banks, investment firms, and independent contractors. Another reliable place would be from a Google search or the Yellow Pages. It is an effective way to get enrolled agents in your local area.

Who Needs an Enrolled Agent?

  • You will need an EA when you require representation outside the regular filing season or before an audit or appeals by the IRS.

  • When you need reassurance, you are on the right track with the calculations. They will help boost your confidence and be at ease since they are experts.

An enrolled agent will come handy when you have to do auditing. They can represent you and offer expert advice when needed.

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