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Best Nonprofit Donor Management Software

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Nonprofit organizations have unique administrative needs, including keeping track of donor lists. Donor management software offers a way to make admin a little bit easier, keeping all relevant information close at hand. Keep reading for a breakdown of the best nonprofit software on the market today.

What is a donor management system?

Fundraising is a primary focus for any nonprofit organization. Whether your organization is based in education, sustainability, or the fine arts, you’ll need to find donors to help move projects forward. A donor management system is a cloud-based program that tracks all your donor details, including names, contact information, deadlines, tasks, and more. So, why is this fundraising intelligence so important for nonprofits? It can help you with:

You can even assign scores to donors, keeping them well-organized so that you know just who to reach out to next time you need funding for a project. By staying on top of vast quantities of data, you’ll be well-placed to strengthen new and existing donor relationships alike.

What to look for in nonprofit software

Not all donor management software is created alike, and different types of nonprofits will have different structures and funding needs. When whittling down this list of nonprofit software, you should think about how you interact with your contacts. Here are a few key features to look for in any donor management software:

  • Online security

  • User friendliness

  • Ability to create and share reports

  • Breakdown of campaign metrics

  • Detailed database for contact information

Donor management software for nonprofits

Keeping the above features in mind, here are a few of the best nonprofit software solutions out there.

1. Little Green Light

Little Green Light is extremely easy to use and offers a sophisticated system for donor management. You can manage your nonprofit’s contacts from a central, fully customizable dashboard and automatically set up messages and receipts for payments. One of the handiest features, however, is the ability to categorize your donors. You can set up separate categories for the most active donors or those in different demographics, which lets you fine-tune your communication strategy to target each segment most effectively.

2. DonorPerfect

Another example of useful donor management software is DonorPerfect, which integrates easily with most systems. This cloud-based platform lets you send custom communications, manage your contacts in an extensive filing system, and collect online donations. You can also compile and analyze reports based on your donor activity, which helps with future fundraising. One extra perk is a customer support team on hand for all users.

3. Neon

This comprehensive software for nonprofits goes beyond mere donor management to also include event management and volunteer tracking features. It’s clear that this platform was built by individuals with a background in running nonprofit organizations, because it really touches on all aspects of administration. You can manage payments, members, donors, and volunteers from a central dashboard.

4. Bloomerang

If your organization uses social media for donor outreach, Bloomerang could be a great fit. This platform helps you reach out to target philanthropists with its intuitive design. Bloomerang lets you manage your accounts carefully, with a social media hub that automatically picks up any tweets or mentions. Build stronger donor relationships using metrics like retention rate and incoming donations to track activity. Another highlight of Bloomerang is its clean, user-friendly design. This makes it easy to master for individuals at all levels of your organization.

Donor management software makes day-to-day fundraising operations run more smoothly, so it’s worth comparing your options to find the right fit.

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