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Ten best digital transformation companies

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If you’re going to attempt to choose the ten best digital transformation companies it is first vital to understand exactly what digital transformation means. The first thing to realize is that digital transformation is extremely important. According to statistics published by Gartner in 2021, 72% of data and analytics leaders are heavily involved in or actually leading digital transformation initiatives within their organizations. In other words, if you’re in business then there’s a very good chance that your competitors are embracing digital transformation as a means of increasing their leverage in the marketplace. What follows from this is that if you fail to take the same approach then you’re likely to find your organization being left behind.   

What is digital transformation?

In simple terms, digital transformation involves introducing technologies across an organization in order to improve the operation of everything from technical and engineering processes to client services, payment processing, billing and supply chain management. In fact, the digital revolution which has taken place across virtually every type of industry in the last few years is such that there are virtually no aspects of day to day operation which can’t be improved by digital transformation. 

The advantages of digital transformation are clear to anyone who has automated aspects of their business which were previously time and investment heavy, but transformations of this kind aren’t easy to carry out. By its very nature, the act of rolling out digital transformation across all or even a majority of the functions of a business is likely to be highly disruptive if not handled correctly. Even more damaging is the very real prospect – without expert advice and intervention – of digital transformation actively damaging the way in which an organization operates. That’s why many organizations opting to embrace digital transformation choose to do so with the help of digital transformation companies, also known as digital transformation consultancies. 

How to choose the best digital transformation consulting companies

The rise and rise of digital transformation as a business tactic has resulted in there being almost too many digital transformation companies to choose from. In this article we provide some information on the best digital transformation companies in order to make it easier to choose the one which is right for your business. If you see a company which matches your needs then take the time to research things such as the approach they take, the clients they have helped and the areas in which they specialize in order to ascertain that it is definitely the best digital transformation company for your current requirements. 

The best digital transformation companies 


Accenture was founded in 198and provides IT services and consultancy on a global basis.  As well as consulting on digital transformation, Accenture offers services including IT security, data and analytics, cloud computing and mergers and acquisitions. This means that the approach they take to digital transformation is likely to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your business aims and practices. One thing which often makes Accenture appealing to organizations is their willingness to base pricing on the clients ability, post digital transformation, to meet agreed KPIs. 


ScienceSoft have worked in the IT sector since 1989 and work with clients to develop digital transformation strategies which concentrate on areas such as the following:

  • Optimizing processes which are currently underperforming and taking up too much time 

  • Automating workflows which are currently low value and monotonous to undertake

  • Mitigating the risk inherent in volatile supply chains

While helping to deliver digital transformation in more than 70 countries worldwide, ScienceSoft have developed particular expertise in areas such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. 


Cognizant is an organization with more than 300,000 employees and offers digital transformation services under the auspices of its Digital Strategy division. Within the area of digital transformation, Cognizant specializes in helping clients to create a digital strategy, introducing agile processes to an organization, working to enable organizations to adopt changes throughout and taking a digital approach to the culture and HR of an organization. They are particularly strong in the area of managed cloud provision and cloud migration, and organizations may be attracted by the flexible approach to payment, which can be tailored to meet individual circumstances and requirements. 


The reputation of Deloitte rests on the work it undertakes in the fields of accountancy and finances. They also consult widely, however, and among consulting services on offer are those which relate to analytics and cloud computing. It claims to help clients become ‘exponential enterprises’, which means becoming an organization with the capacity for change and the ability to succeed. They are particularly skilled at helping clients to integrate technology within existing systems and processes, and to set up multi-cloud environments, as well as having wide experience in the fields of DevOps and automation. A flexible approach to payment plans means that they can be based on outcomes, deliverables or deadlines.      


Tntra offers a unique Global Innovation Ecosystem, which at its core, it is designed to propel businesses forward. Offerings include:

  • Engineering Services,

  • an Academy focused on Future-of-Work skills,

  • an Enterprise Platform for streamlined innovation delivery,

  • an Incubator program,

  • a Ventures Fund.

Tntra's engineering expertise empowers businesses to stay at the forefront of technology and maximize their potential. In addition, Tntra helps foster innovation and enable a supportive ecosystem for enterprises, universities, and government agencies, across key regions, including the US, EU, India & GCC, Singapore & Asia Pacific, and Japan.


Vention is a software development company which employs more than 3,000 engineers. They work with organizations to develop solutions enabling clients to redesign fundamental aspects of their business in a way that harnesses digital technology's transformative power and clears a quicker route to growth and success. The solutions they offer will be based on a strategic deep dive into the client, designed to identify pain points across the organization and suggest possible solutions. They have worked with clients in sectors as diverse as finance, healthcare and education, providing cloud solutions and data integration services.    


Although Dell is often regarded as company which manufactures and sells computer technology, it also specializes in providing digital transformation services. It does this through the provision of solutions such as the Unified Workplace and Dell Technologies Cloud. The latter of these creates a single operational hub through which an organization can access hybrid cloud solutions, simplifying the operation of devices across an organization and eliminating the kind of traditional silos which prevent transformation moving through an organization. 


KPMG offers digital transformation consulting alongside the accounting and professional servies they are probably more well-known for providing. The digital transformation services they provide are, in their words designed to help clients ‘rebuild your business around the customer to create a truly connected and highly profitable enterprise’. It boasts expertise in working with emerging technologies and can link digital transformation in a technical sense with cultural transformation and business strategy, through a hands on approach to working with clients.  


Like some others on this list PwC is best known for accounting and tax services, but also offers consulting in the field of digital transformation. It offers a combination of transformation services based around business processes and strategy and cloud and digital services which are focused on technological innovation. In terms of technology it can work on the wider organizational strategy and focus on aspects such as data and analytics, cyber security and cloud computing. The wider approach to organizational transformation takes in aspects such as supply chain management, digital operations, real estate strategy and finance transformation.  


Genpact offers solutions which are specifically tailored to the requirements of each client. It does this by working in an industry-specific manner, focusing on technology rather than business strategy. If you feel that your organization could benefit from automation and AI-powered analytics then Genpact could have the expertise you’re looking for.  

What GoCardless can offer

Although GoCardless is not a digital transformation company per se, it can help to transform your organization by utilizing the power of digital automation when it comes to taking payments from customers. It’s clear that the public hunger for payment solutions such as bank to bank payments using the ACH network is growing, and GoCardless can help you to meet that demand. Although they can still fail occasionally, bank payments of this kind are still far more reliable than card payments, and on those occasions when payments do fail GoCardless uses the Success+ system to automatically retry any failed payments, leading to a 76% success rate on those payments which initially fail. Taking the time consuming process of chasing up failed payments is just one example of the way in which GoCardless harnesses the power of digital transformation to optimize your business.    

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