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Automatic event notifications through webhooks means no need to download and parse reports.

Code example for creating a subscription:

$subscription = $client->subscriptions()->create([
  "params" => [
    "amount" => 1500,
    "currency" => "GBP",
    "interval_unit" => "monthly",
    "day_of_month" => "5",
    "links" => [
      "mandate" => "MD0000XH9A3T4C"
    "metadata" => [
      "subscription_number" => "ABC1234"
  "headers" => [
    "Idempotency-Key" => "random_subscription_specific_string"
subscription = client.subscriptions.create(
        "amount" : 1500,
        "currency" : "GBP",
        "interval_unit" : "monthly",
        "day_of_month" : "5",
        "links": {
            "mandate": "MD0000XH9A3T4C"
        "metadata": {
            "subscription_number": "ABC1234"
    }, headers={
        'Idempotency-Key': "random_subscription_specific_string"
subscription = client.subscriptions.create(
  params: {
    amount: 1500,
    currency: 'GBP',
    interval_unit: 'monthly',
    day_of_month: '5',
    links: {
      mandate: 'MD0000XH9A3T4C'
    metadata: {
      subscription_number: 'ABC1234'
  headers: {
    'Idempotency-Key': 'random_subscription_specific_string'
public class CreateSubscription {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        GoCardlessClient client = GoCardlessClient.create(
        Subscription subscription = client.subscriptions().create()
            .withMetadata("subscription_number", "ABC123")
using System;
using GoCardless;
using GoCardless.Services;
using GoCardless.Resources;

class Program
  static void Main(string[] args)
    String access_token = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("GC_TOKEN");

    var gocardless = GoCardlessClient.Create(
    access_token, GoCardlessClient.Environment.SANDBOX);

    var subscriptionRequest = new SubscriptionCreateRequest()
      Amount = 1000,
      Currency = "GBP",
      Name = "Monthly subscription",
      Interval = 1,
      IntervalUnit = SubscriptionCreateRequest.SubscriptionIntervalUnit.Monthly,
      Links = new SubscriptionCreateRequest.SubscriptionLinks()
        Mandate = "MD0123"

    var subscriptionResponse = gocardless.Subscriptions.CreateAsync(subscriptionRequest).Result;
    Subscription subscription = subscriptionResponse.Subscription;
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