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[Study] Forrester Consulting: The Total Economic Impact™ Of GoCardless Connect

GoCardless commissioned Forrester to conduct a study to evaluate the costs and benefits for partners when integrating GoCardless Connect within their platforms to collect bank payments.

GoCardless Connect enables partners to collect direct bank payments within their platforms

During the next decade, cash will be increasingly replaced with newer, more efficient payment methods. GoCardless Connect provides partners with an easy-to-integrate solution to help their merchants seamlessly collect direct bank payments.

The study found that the cost savings and business benefits enabled by GoCardless Connect significantly outweigh the costs. Key benefits for partners include: incremental gross revenue, international expansion savings, recaptured productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and increased security.

Key findings from the study include:

  • GoCardless can deliver an ROI of 661% to partners

  • Integrating GoCardless can have a payback period of <6 months

  • GoCardless Partners similar to the composite organisation would see a net present value of $19.3m

  • GoCardless Partners are able to launch in new markets 3 months faster

Download the full study for the comprehensive analysis on the costs and benefits, the financial model used, and further findings from existing partners.

*The analysis is based on a three year time horizon at a composite organisation representative of the partners interviewed

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