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Epson improves conversion by 80%

Epson offers GoCardless globally to meet customer preference and increase conversions.

They’ve seen an 80% increase in conversions of ‘pending’ customers in two key regions and 40-50% of new customers completing their transactions as a result.

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Epson improves conversion by 80%
Epson improves conversion by 80%

“Those who consider payment methods to be an auxiliary part of the proposition couldn’t be more wrong, a choice of payment method matters as much to customers as a choice of services.”

Mauro Bartoletti, Head of Digital Programs, Epson Europe

Diversify your payment options with GoCardless
Diversify your payment options with GoCardless

Diversify your payment options with GoCardless

Collect payments using bank debit and bank-to-bank payments in more than 30 countries with GoCardless. Bank debit compliments your payment strategy to create a best-in-class checkout experience.

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GoCardless helps you:

Use local payments with a global reach

GoCardless has created the first global network designed for recurring payments. Offer bank debit in 30+ countries, including; the UK, Eurozone countries, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Lower payment failure rates

With GoCardless, around 97.3% of payments are collected successfully first time. With real-time reporting, know instantly when a payment does fail so you can take action.

Integrate with your existing systems

Connect GoCardless to your global tech stack with our extensive list of partner integrations, including; Salesforce, Zuora and Chargebee. Or use our API.

Built for security, scale & success
Built for security, scale & success

Built for security, scale & success

ISO27001 certified

Security protocols across our business, services and products have been fully audited and certified with this globally-recognized international standard. 

GDPR compliant

The GoCardless global data risk management programme is built to strict GDPR standards and applies privacy best practices to help protect and respect personal data. 

Trusted by global businesses

GoCardless processes $13bn+ annually, and has been funded by prestigious investors including Google Ventures and Salesforce Ventures.

Compliance built in

We handle the complexities of bank debit across 30+ countries in a single integration.

Trusted by over 60,000 businesses globally

  • A successful payment option

    A successful payment option

    “When customers choose GoCardless, they stay with us for longer and they convert better.”

  • Automating manual processes

    Automating manual processes

    “Payments now take much less time, and we have greater control and visibility.”

  • Most customers choose GoCardless

    Most customers choose GoCardless

    “70% of our European customers have chosen GoCardless over credit card to make their payments.”

  • Staying competitive

    Staying competitive

    “Adopting tech to provide this kind of fast, modern experience would be a great start for the customer lifecycle and further separate our brand from slower incumbents”

  • Offer a seamless experience

    Offer a seamless experience

    “GoCardless is a service that just works – 100% of the time. We don’t get payment complaints or issues any more, everything just works."

Leverage payer preferences to your advantages

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