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The rise of the 'Stuck-at-Home' SME

For most people, the August bank holiday is something to look forward to, and prime time for a summer getaway. However, according to our recent survey, this isn’t the case for many SME owners, as 57% admitted to dropping their summer holiday plans, or spending the time they are away chasing late payments.

Nearly two thirds of our 250 respondents agreed that summer is the worst time for collecting payments, with more invoices being paid late during the summer than at any other time of the year.

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A practical blueprint for fast payment
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How to recover an unpaid invoice: Advice from Sage

Chasing late payments takes time, money and resource from your business.

There are steps you can take to make sure you get paid on time, like automating payments with Direct Debit.

But if you aren’t yet using Direct Debit to take your payments, or if you have experienced clients failing to pay due to lack of funds, you might need to take action and approach those awkward conversations.

So, thanks to Sage for putting together this practical guide and timeline for recovering invoices.

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5 practical steps for fast payment
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5 proven ways to win more clients for your accounting firm

Acquiring more clients is a top priority for 41% of the accounting firms that took part in our recent Accountants Benchmarking Survey.

But what are the best ways to do that in an increasingly competitive market?

See below for 5 tried and trusted methods for making your firm more attractive in the marketplace and bringing in the new clients you need.

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How does your firm measure up against competition?
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Cloud adoption: Single platform or multiple accounting software?

When it comes to offering an effective cloud accounting service, there’s a choice to be made.

Should your firm have:

  1. A single cloud accounting platform that’s mandatory for all clients.
  2. Multiple accounting software packages that offer clients a choice of platform.

We’ve spoken to some leading UK accountants to understand the pros and cons of each option, and the things that might influence your firm’s decision.

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How are other firms approaching cloud adoption?
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The results are out: Accountants Benchmarking Survey Report 2018

This is a guest post from Tom Herbert, Editor of AccountingWeb

At a time of great economic, legislative and technological change, more businesses than ever are looking to their accountants to provide help and advice. But how are the accountants coping?

The GoCardless survey provides us with some fascinating insights into the minds of accountants around the country, and the results offer a thought-provoking snapshot of the current state of the profession.

  • 84% have met their clients face to face
  • 53% of their clients use cloud accounting software
  • 43% of client fees are collected through customer bank transfers
  • 14% make it mandatory for their clients to use their preferred accounting software

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How does your firm measure up?
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Around the world in 90 debtor days

In the UK, spending time, money and resource chasing up late payments is common practice for many businesses.

But are we uniquely bad at paying on time in the UK? Or have these bad business practices spread to Europe? And how does Britain compare to the rest of the world?

Research by Dun & Bradstreet (CRIBIS D&B) compares payment practices in 36 countries. Take a look at the infographic below to see, in numbers, the state of late payments around the world.

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5 practical steps for fast payments
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GoCardless Partner Meetup: Working closely to improve customer experience


GoCardless partners with hundreds of software providers to allow businesses to take payment by Direct Debit, and manage other elements of their business through one integrated system.

These integrations span all manner of industries including: accounting, CRM, subscriptions, billing, and membership management. And thousands of merchants are already seeing the benefits that come from integrating Direct Debit through GoCardless with their existing software or integrating GoCardless when they start using a new platform.

A few weeks ago, we invited our partners to the GoCardless office for our first meetup. We shared our vision with talks from our CEO, Hiroki and Director of Product, Duncan; and listened as our partners shared their experience of working with GoCardless, and how they think the integrations can be developed to better serve our joint customers.

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Working with Pride at GoCardless

Pride month comes to an end this week – and throughout the month, we’ve seen tech companies supporting and celebrating the LGBT+ community; from Zuora's #SubscribeToPride to Xero marching with Pride at parades across America. In the UK, preparations are underway for London Pride on 7 July.

At GoCardless, we’re celebrating London Pride by coming together to celebrate each other’s backgrounds and differences, while raising money for the Albert Kennedy Trust – a charity that provides safe homes and support for the LGBT+ youth homeless community. Check out their #NoRoomForHate campaign here.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion at GoCardless is closely related to our company values: start with why, take pride, act with integrity, and be humble.

Ahead of the event next week, we spoke to some of the team at GoCardless, both members of the LGBT+ community and allies, to find out what diversity and inclusion in the workplace means to them.

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Growing our payments network: next stop, Denmark

Last month we announced our launch in Australia, this month we’ve turned our attention to Scandinavia and are excited to announce that we can now take payments via Danish Direct Debit.

It’s another step towards our mission of creating a global bank to bank payments network and takes the the number of Direct Debit schemes that we offer to 5 (covering 23 countries), with lots more in the pipeline.

The Denmark launch means our customers in Europe or Australia can now take Krone-denominated payments from Danish customers.

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GoCardless and Danish Direct Debit
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