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3 min readPayments

10 Ways to Reduce Business Costs

Discover the best ways to reduce small business costs.

2 min readBacs

How do Bacs direct debit rules apply to my business?

These are the direct debit rules you need to know

2 min readBacs

Where to Get BACS Approved Software

Discover the names of BACS approved software providers

2 min readPayments

Do BACS Payments Go In At Midnight?

Find out when BACS payments are settled so as to better manage your cash flow.

2 min readDirect Debit

How Do I Reinstate A Direct Debit?

Learn how to reinstate direct debits and ensure continuity of payment.

2 min readPayments

How and why to set up a virtual terminal

What is a virtual terminal exactly and how do you go about setting one up?

3 min readPayments

Best Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps

Discover the best peer-to-peer apps for sending and receiving funds.

2 min readGrowth

Best Small Business Marketing Ideas

Discover the most creative small business marketing ideas.

3 min readLife at GoCardless

Behind the scenes: interning at GoCardless

How interning at GoCardless changed Tanya's opinion on inclusive workplaces

2 min readPayments

What Is a Payee?

Discover the payee meaning in monetary transactions with our guide.

2 min readPayments

What Are Interchange Fees And How To Calculate Them

Find out how interchange fees impact your profit margins

2 min readAccounting

Calculating due dates for your invoices

What is a due date in accounting and how to calculate it

2 min readAccounting

Treasury Bonds Definition & Examples

Safeguard your portfolio with lower risk treasury bonds.

3 min readAccounting

How to Calculate a Regression Line

Use the regression line formula to plot data points and analyse variables.

1 min readPress Release

GoCardless and Piano Partner to Help Publishers and Brands Drive Recurring Revenue

Leading Fintech for Account-to-Account Payments Integrates With Analytics and Activation Platform to Prevent Card Failures, Reduce Customer Churn and Grow Subscriber Count

2 min readPayments

What Is Pro Rata and How Is it Calculated?

Learn the meaning of pro rata and how it’s used in business.

3 min readPayments

What Does it Mean to Be Paid in Arrears?

Learn the paid in arrears meaning and when it’s beneficial.

2 min readAccounting

What Does OEM Mean?

Should you buy products from an OEM? Find out more about the OEM meaning.

2 min readAccounting

Net Realisable Value (NRV) Definition

Use NRV accounting to work out what your assets are worth.

2 min readAccounting

Treasury Bills Definition & Examples

The UK government backs treasury bills for low-risk investment.

6 min readOpen Banking

What are Account-to-Account payments?

Learn everything you need to know about account-to-account payments

4 min readOpen Banking

Open banking in the UK vs Australia

Understand the key differences between open banking in the UK and Australia

2 min readAccounting

Net Asset Definition, Formula & Examples

We explore how to calculate your company’s net assets.

2 min readAccounting

Revenue Expenditure Definition & Examples

We explain revenue expenditure and how it fits into your accounting practices.

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