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Top Chargebee integrations for your business

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If your business works on a subscription model, the fact that GoCardless is one of the most effective Chargebee integrations is extremely good news. Chargebee is one of the leading recurring billing platforms, and Chargebee integration with GoCardless offers a range of advantages including the following:

  • minimised customer churn

  • increased value over the lifetime of a customer

  • quicker payments 

  • lower processing fees

  • a payment failure rate reduced to as little as 3%   

  • improved cash flow

  • real-time report generation

One of the main advantages of working with Chargebee and GoCardless is that Chargebee also supports a range of other integrations. If your business already uses a tool such as Xero, which also integrates seamlessly with GoCardless, you can also integrate with Chargebee, creating a network of platforms offering seamless and efficient management of all aspects of your business.

Chargebee Xero integration links the recurring billing platform to your wider business accounting platform, making the recurring bill payments you receive a part of the bigger picture of the cash flow of your business.

Chargebee Zoho integration

Zoho is a customer relationship management app which integrates with Chargebee to provide your sales team with the date they need exactly when they need it. Issues such as price point, billing, add-ons and offers can all play a part when it comes to closing a deal and landing a subscription. Integrating Chargebee with Zoho will put the details needed at the fingertips of your sales team in real time and with full context.

Chargebee Salesforce integration

One of the biggest plus points of the sheer number of tools with which Chargebee integrates is the fact that any tool you already utilise is likely to be in the list. If you favour the Salesforce CRM app over Zoho, for example, you can relax in the knowledge that it integrates fully with Chargebee, offering a full overview and complete control of your sales and subscriptions.

Chargebee Stripe integration

Using apps such as Chargebee is all about automating what once would have been manual, time-consuming processes. By integrating Chargebee and Stripe, your business will be able to generate invoices and process payments received automatically, enhancing cash flow and freeing up your time to concentrate on building for the future.

Chargebee integrations Freshdesk

With a global marketplace to choose from, customers are demanding higher levels of service than ever before. Dealing with queries, complaints or enquiries quickly and effectively is more important than ever. Integrating Chargebee with Freshdesk makes it easier for your team to track down the data needed to help a customer without having to track from place to place across your systems. Instead, all data is clearly visible on one easy-to-use dashboard.

Chargebee Google Analytics integration

For any ecommerce business, data is king. The more you know about each customer journey across your platform, the better placed you’ll be to improve that journey, remove any friction and drive sales. Integrating Chargebee with Google Analytics enables you to perform vital tasks such as tracking the way visitors interact with your website and generate reports identifying the choke points present in any customer journey. It will also make it easier to see the reasons for any customer abandonment prior to purchase.

Chargebee Hubspot integration

Integrating Chargebee with the Hubspot app makes it possible to sync your product team with your sales team in a way which will help to drive and speed up the sales process. Subscriptions and checkout links are generated automatically, and instant error logs mean that problems are dealt with quickly, rather than building to impact your business.

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