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Avoid customer frustration: tips to improve your online payment experience

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Last editedApr 20223 min read

Don’t let your sale fall through at the final hurdle with a frustrating payment experience. Online customer satisfaction not only involves providing attractive products and services, but extending this appeal through to payment confirmation and shipping. To provide a seamless payment experience, you’ll need to be aware of the most common customer frustrations.

Frustration 1: The checkout page is overwhelming.

From pop-ups to banner ads, a cluttered checkout page can be a big turn-off for overstimulated shoppers. In a time when we’re all bombarded by information, customers want a clean, clear layout with simple fields to input their payment information.

The solution:

Minimise clutter and offer a smooth, streamlined checkout experience. This should be as frictionless as possible, ideally without redirecting to third-party payment pages or involving added pop-up screens. It’s also best to ensure your business branding is clearly visible on each page of the checkout process to enhance feelings of security in the purchase.

Frustration 2: The customer can only pay from one device.

On-the-go shoppers don’t always have their laptops nearby – but they have their smartphone. An estimated 63% of UK buyers made a purchase through their smartphone in 2021 alone, and mobile commerce is expected to surpass 100 billion GBP by 2024. When buyers encounter checkout pages that aren’t optimised for mobile use, conversion rates plummet as a result.

The solution:

Your point of sale should include not only a brick-and-mortar retail space, but also an online shop front, social media channels, and mobile apps. Customers want frictionless payments with easy-pay SMS links and mobile wallets. These are also more secure, with biometric authentication providing an added layer of safety.

Frustration 3: The preferred payment method is unavailable.

Customer preferences involve more than simply the device used to make a payment; they involve the payment method itself. Payer preference is a key piece of the puzzle for businesses to solve. This often varies by demographic. For example, Generation Z are digital natives who are more comfortable with payments using a mobile app. If your business caters to a younger customer base and doesn’t include mobile wallet options, this could lead to an abandoned shopping cart.

The solution:

The easy solution is to offer a variety of payment methods, including traditional cash and credit card options alongside alternative forms of payment. You can also brush upon the latest payment preferences with the GoCardless Payment Preference Report to formulate your strategy. For example, this report found that 78% of businesses and 46% of consumers worldwide prefer to pay with bank debit or bank transfer – something to consider at checkout.

Frustration 4: There are problems with delivery at checkout.

Have you ever added products to your online shopping cart, only to find out that they’re out of stock once the time comes to make a payment? Or have you seen unexpected delivery fees added at the last minute? Issues with fulfilment are some of the biggest customer frustrations to overcome. Stock is a key issue for ecommerce businesses, and when inventory isn’t joined up with your ecommerce platform it can seriously impede online customer satisfaction.

The solution:

You can update your website to show customers when an item is out of stock as they’re browsing, including filters to hide stock-outs before they are ready to make a purchase. Automatically suggest a replacement item to soothe frustrations and increase conversion rate. It’s also important to make shipping fees transparent for a seamless payment experience. Free shipping is always best.

Frustration 5: The customer must repeatedly enter card details.

When repeat customers must fill out a lengthy checkout page with their credit card details on every occasion, they can grow tired of visiting your website. While not everyone agrees to storing card details, it’s frustrating when the option isn’t given. 

The solution:

Use security techniques like tokenization to keep customer card details safely stored for the next purchase. Although it only saves a minute or so, this offers a faster, more convenient payment processing experience for the customer. For those businesses offering subscriptions or taking recurring payments, pull-based Direct Debit is also a great option.

With a service like GoCardless, the customer only needs to input their banking details the first time to authorise payment. It’s then pulled automatically from their account by the business, for less frustration all around.

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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