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Per transaction, capped at £2

GoCardless Pro

1p - 60p

Per transaction

About our pricing

Are there any other fees?

No, there are no other fees except from those listed in the table above. We never charge for chargebacks or payment failures.
With GoCardless, all you ever pay is 1% of the transaction amount, up to a maximum of £2.
With GoCardless Pro, we charge you the £200 monthly fee and a fee for each transaction.

Do you offer discounts for large volume?

Yes. Our transaction fees decrease from 1,000 payments per month. To find out more, please contact sales.

What does ‘capped at £2’ mean?

You'll never pay more than £2 per transaction even if the transaction value is greater than £200.

Will I still be charged if a payment fails?

No. We only take fees for successful payments.

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Speak with one of our payments experts on 020 7183 8674

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