GoCardless Accountants & Bookkeepers Program

Help your clients get paid on time, every time.

Welcome to the Program

The first place a business owner turns to for advice is their accountant or bookkeeper. You play a vital role in the success of businesses nationwide, and we'd like to partner with you to help your clients even further.

Flexible payments and billing

GoCardless enables automatic collection of any invoice payment without waiting for customers to action anything. It's ideal for either fixed-fee or variable, value-based pricing models.

Be more productive

By automating your billing and reconciliation thereafter, you'll have more time to focus on building relationships rather than chasing up unpaid bills.

International payments

What’s more, with one integration you can collect payment across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Eurozone.

... and help your clients

Healthy cash flow

Set up in minutes and see immediate improvement to cash flow and admin time. By solving basic cash flow challenges for your clients, you can focus on higher value work.

Less admin work

Move clients to automate their bill collection and reconciliation so you can spend less time tidying up their books and more time advising them on strategy.

Integrated is better

GoCardless integrates into Xero and other accountancy software to provide a single solution for invoicing and payments.

GoCardless Ltd., Level 17, 120 Spencer St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom as an Authorised Payment Institution to collect payments across Europe.