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GoCardless partners with Zapier to automate payment processes across 5,000+ apps

Linda Yang
Written by

Last editedMar 20231 min read

Melbourne, 16 March 2023 -- GoCardless, a global leader in bank payment solutions, has integrated with Zapier, the leader in no-code automation, to help businesses save time and energy when managing their payments.

Businesses can now build Zaps -- Zapier's automated workflows -- for GoCardless, eliminating manual labour for routine and repetitive tasks, such as creating a new payment mandate or tracking failed payments. Zapier’s platform includes over 5,000 apps, making it easy for businesses to connect GoCardless to the software they use every day.

Seb Hempstead, VP of Partnerships at GoCardless, said: “Our mission is to take the pain out of getting paid. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Zapier, helping businesses tap into real-time information flows to turn manual admin into automated processes. This will give them more time to focus on their top priorities. And it’s simple to use – there’s no code involved.”

Businesses can find the new GoCardless integration on the Zapier App Directory page and learn more on the GoCardless landing page.

The announcement adds another leading name to GoCardless’ roster of more than 350 partners. These partnerships allow businesses to seamlessly integrate GoCardless into the software they already use, managing payment and other business activities in one place.