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A list of pricing-related questions to include in your RFP.

When writing a RFP, it's important to ask detailed questions about the pricing of a service. Some providers could offer low transaction costs but may charge additional fees for hidden extras. To compare fully-loaded costs, you'll want to provide projected transaction volumes and ask questions like the following:





What setup fee do you charge?

All of these questions are designed to ensure you get the maximum commercial information to make an informed decision with. In particular, some providers do not quote the bank fees as part of their bid, which is a misleading picture of cost.


What monthly fee do you charge?



What fee do you charge per transaction? Does this change as our transaction numbers scale?

Transaction fees should ideally decrease as you scale to take account of this.


What fee is there per DDI setup?



What fees do you charge for: (a) Chargebacks (b) Failures?



What fee do you charge for file submission?

'File submission' is the cost of submitting a DD file.


What fee do you charge for training?



What fee do you charge for ongoing support?



What fee do you charge for refunds?



Are there any additional fees charged apart from the types specified in questions 1-8? (Including fees charged by the bank, one-off consulting fees that we are likely to incur, etc.)



Given the volumes we specify, what is the all-in monthly cost of the service? Annual cost?


Our sample RFP includes all of the questions above and more. You can download it here and use it as a template for creating your own.

Note: The questions suggested on this page are intended as a starting place for writing your own RFP. They're provided for general information only: they're not intended to be prescriptive or to provide legal advice. We suggest working closely with your management to develop an RFP that is tailored towards the specific requirements of your business.

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