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List of Direct Debit Providers & Solutions

Last editedApr 20221 min read

Typically, your company will be looking for credit card or Direct Debit payments. We list the relevant providers for Direct Debit below.

Direct Debit specialists

A Direct Debit specialist is a company that only provides Direct Debit (and no other payment method.) It is often worth picking a specialist Direct Debit provider because they are more likely to be experts in the payment method and be able to maximise your conversion, minimise failure rates, and act as trusted advisors. It may also be that they are integrated into other software that you are already using (e.g. Zuora, Salesforce), which argues for using them over a full-service provider.

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Direct Debit specialists serving the UK:


A Direct Debit Bureau is a third party which submits payments into the Direct Debit system on your behalf. Finding the right one isn't always easy. Here is a list of the most widely used Direct Debit providers.

  • GoCardless

  • Fastpay

  • Eazipay

  • Rapidata

  • First Capital Cashflow

  • AccessPay

  • Eazy Collect

  • Smartdebit

  • London & Zurich

Management software

  • Bottomline

  • Fundtech

Full-service providers

The advantage of full-service providers is that they often cover all of your needs in one integration. The downside, however, is that you typically have to do more yourself (e.g. to use Direct Debit, you may also need to register with your bank, a process that takes months and can be expensive). Moreover, they often have outdated APIs and may not integrate with your chosen solution, which can cause huge amounts of work and problems further down the line.

Full-service providers serving the UK:

  • Adyen

  • GlobalCollect

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