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2 min readRetention

4 takeaways from our discussion about churn with Amy Konary, Subscribed Institute

Find out some of the key findings from our discussion customer churn

3 min readPayments

What are the consequences of failed payments?

Discover how payment failures can impact your business.

2 min readRetention

Understanding And Improving App Retention

Discover app retention by category and other app retention strategies.

3 min readEnterprise

4 ways GoCardless can improve your customer retention

Discover how GoCardless can help you to keep more customers.

2 min readRetention

How You Can Improve Your B2B Customer Retention

How to improve your B2B customer retention for better profitability.

2 min readRetention

How To Calculate and Achieve Negative Churn

A straightforward guide to negative churn and how to achieve it.

3 min readEnterprise

The 8 payment dimensions: Churn

Discover how you can tackle involuntary churn to improve CLV.

2 min readRetention

How to Build an Effective Customer Portal

Learn how to maximise your retention rates by optimising your customer portal.

2 min readRetention

5 Ways to Win Back Lost Customers

We look at 5 proven ways to win back lost customers

2 min readBusiness Management

How to stop cart abandonment

We share practical tips to help you tackle the problem of cart abandonment

2 min readRetention

How to Measure Customer Retention

We look at how to measure and improve your customer retention.

3 min readRetention

Analysing and reducing customer churn in 2021

Learn how to reduce your customer churn rate for better retention

3 min readSubscription

Changing Your SaaS Pricing Model

Get the inside track on how to reprice your SaaS products and services.

2 min readRetention

What does distinctive competence mean for my business?

Explore our distinctive competence definition for businesses, right here.

2 min readEnterprise

The payment success index 2020: a UK & Ireland spotlight

How do UK & Ireland payment failure rates compare to the global benchmark?

3 min readRetention

What is customer attrition and how do you reduce it?

Customer attrition refers to the loss of customers by a business.

2 min readGoCardless

How GoCardless helped us during COVID-19

Role Models guest writes this post about retaining clients during lockdown.

3 min readRetention

What is customer retention?

Find out how to measure customer loyalty and retention with our useful guide.


[On-demand webinar] The road to success: introducing our new payment intelligence product

Watch our free webinar and discover how recurring payment intelligence can help reduce your payment failures.

2 min readAccounting

What do net 30 payment terms mean?

Our full guide to net 30 payment terms for businesses.

2 min readRetention

How to calculate annual churn rate

Want to learn how to calculate annual churn rate? Find out here.

2 min readRetention

5 most effective client retention strategies

We break down the best retention strategies to build relationships with clients.

2 min readSubscription

How to improve subscription renewal rates

Find out how to calculate, measure, improve renewal rates for your Saas business

4 min readSubscription

7 subscription metrics you need to be tracking in 2020

LTV. Churn. MRR. What else are you missing?

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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