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2 min readFinance

5 of the Best Finance Books Available in 2021

Improve your business and personal finances with these invaluable finance books.

2 min readAccounting

Understanding the Pareto Principle

According to the Pareto rule, causes and effects aren’t equally distributed.

2 min readAlternative Payment Options

Should Small Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency?

Discover the benefits of cryptocurrency payments for small businesses.

2 min readAccounting

Fixed Costs vs Variable Costs: What You Need To Know

We explore the difference between fixed and variable costs in accounting

2 min readFinance

What is Financial Modelling & Why is it Important?

Financial modelling is an invaluable tool for your business. Here’s how it works

2 min readAccounting

The billing process explained

Find out how the billing process works in detail

2 min readAccounting

What Is The Opening Balance

Find out how the opening balance and closing balance are calculated

2 min readAccounting

Understanding Revenue: Definition, Formula & Examples

We explore revenue. The raw material from which your profits are made!

2 min readAccounting

Offset Definition & Examples

We explain how offsets work and provide practical examples

2 min readFinance

How to Calculate Future Value

Future value is calculated using the future value formula

2 min readAccounting

What Is Depletion?

Discover the meaning of depletion, in simple terms

2 min readAccounting

Understanding current liabilities

How do current liabilities work? Find out more

2 min readAccounting

What Is a Fixed Charge?

Learn about fixed charges, including the fixed charge coverage ratio

2 min readAccounting

Tangible Assets: Definition and Examples

Learn about tangible assets and how they are valued

2 min readPayments

What is an EFT payment?

Explore the EFT payment method in more detail with our comprehensive guide.

2 min readAccounting

Preferred Stock Definition & Examples

Discover the pros and cons of preferred stock compared with common stock

2 min readAccounting

Statement of Operations Definition & Examples

Create a statement of operations to gauge the state of your business

2 min readAccounting

How To Record Common Stock in Accounting

Find out if common stock is the right investment for you

3 min readAccounting

A Complete Guide to Crowdfunding Platforms

Could crowdfunding platforms provide financing for your next project?

3 min readAccounting

A Complete Guide to Accounting Ledgers

Accounting ledger books form the foundation of your financial statements.

3 min readInvoicing

What is a Billing Address?

What is a billing address and how does it differ from other addresses

2 min readAccounting

What is an Accounting System?

We explore different accounting systems and why they’re essential for businesses

2 min readCash flow

6 Tax Deductions For Small Businesses

Is your business claiming all of the tax deductions it should be?

2 min readAccounting

What are the UK income tax brackets and what do they mean?

Find out which tax bracket you fall into and what you can expect to pay

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