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Best gym membership management software

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Whether you’re an independent personal trainer or run a full-service gym, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with everyday admin. From scheduling classes to storing membership details, there’s a great deal of small tasks that can eat up your spare time. Fortunately, the best gym membership software helps ease the burden of scheduling and support. We’ll cover what to look for in this guide.

Benefits of using the best gym membership software

There are numerous features to look for when comparing gym membership management software. This type of technology is useful for many different types of organisations, including athletic clubs, yoga studios, and swimming pools. The best systems will help you store member information in a central database for easy retrieval. They also integrate with your accounting systems to manage financial records and help with scheduling courses as well as reserving individual rooms and larger facilities.

Many will integrate with billing software and payment systems like GoCardless to take recurring payments and manage membership dues. For example, GoCardless allows fitness businesses to take recurring payments automatically on a scheduled due date. It’s used by well-known providers like Les Mills and Equation Training, saving hours each week on admin by cutting down on manual payment chasing. Tools like Success+ ensure gyms can manage recurring payments using intelligent retry technology, preventing payment failure.

 It’s also a good idea to look for software with a multichannel capability that caters to client preferences, enabling communication via social media, email, smartphone devices, and your main website. Another key benefit is analytics, with tools to help you recognise user patterns and fine-tune your brand messaging accordingly.

The four best gym membership software

With no further ado, here are a few of the best gym membership software out there for UK-based fitness centres.


A top choice for gyms and fitness studios is TeamUp. One of its key benefits is scalability. Whether you’re a personal coach or multi-location franchise, TeamUp offers a high level of service without upselling. You’ll receive all features at every level, paying by the number of active customers you’re serving each month. The software includes a booking platform, online class management, event management, mobile booking app, and financial reporting.


GloFox is a convenient app with a central dashboard and custom user experience. This makes it a great choice for start-ups and beginners, who gain access to a high level of customer support at every stage of growth. A lead capture tool and social media integrations assist with marketing, while a branded mobile app allows members to book classes, set up payments, and keep track of the latest news and special events.


This cloud-based gym membership software offers features for gyms, dance studios, martial arts clubs, and more. Its all-purpose platform includes self-service portals for customers to book classes and make payments. Instructors can log in to plan their lessons and track progress of members, while gym owners can use the marketing portal to manage engagement along the way. There’s a high level of customisation on hand with ClubRight. You can add your gym’s branding to all welcome screens, invoices, receipts, and membership forms for a unified experience.


The final choice on this list is Fisikal, web-based management software that includes a customer CRM and class booking management system. Keep track of customer data and optimise sales processes to encourage revenue growth over time. Reporting features track engagement and financial data, while intelligent payment processing with GoCardless reduces delays and missed payments.

All the options mentioned above integrate easily with GoCardless for streamlined payment processing and a smoother workflow. To choose the best gym membership software, you’ll need to consider your business’s size, client needs, and budget.

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