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Use GoCardless to collect membership payments

GoCardless for TeamUp

Spend more time with your members and less time worrying about payments with GoCardless for TeamUp

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GoCardless for TeamUp
GoCardless for TeamUp

Automatically collect customer payments

  • Improved Member Experience

    Improved Member Experience

    Automated payment collection and high success rates mean that you can focus on the member experience, not chasing up late payments.

  • Better membership experience

    Better membership experience

    Create the best membership experience by offering flexible payment options. Collect fees on any day and take one-off payments for extras such as classes, events and purchases. Switch current members to GoCardless for free!

  • Less admin

    Easily set up and automate collection of payments, so you can minimise your financial admin.

Connect your account

How it works with TeamUp

Create your TeamUp account and connect it GoCardless through the 'payment settings' screen in your TeamUp dashboard. TeamUp will walk you through this with their personal support team.

Connect your account

Create membership packages and then add them to customers, or direct your customers to your included online portal. TeamUp can also import your existing GoCardless mandates without customers being affected.

Connect your account

Once integrated, all your Direct Debit monthly membership payments (as well as one-off payments) will be tracked automatically by GoCardless for TeamUp. There's no need to check your bank statement to see if someone has paid.

Connect your account

Track every aspect of your business and manage payments from within TeamUp. You can make refunds, charge store purchases to a member's direct debit, amend the dates of a payment or change anything you need.

Connect your account

All the features you need to streamline your payments

  • Flexible payments

    Flexible payments

    Made for recurring payments - whether invoicing regular customers or subscription fees.

  • Seamless integration

    Seamless integration

    Set up your customers to pay by GoCardless and manage your payments all from within TeamUp.

  • Stop chasing payments

    Stop chasing payments

    Control when you get paid and cut out the stress of debtors. GoCardless allows you to choose when your customers pay you.

Low fees, no hidden pricing

1% + 20p per transaction, capped at £4. Simple.

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Stop chasing late payments and save precious time by connecting GoCardless to your TeamUp account now.

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