Betalingsservice Timings

Direct Debit file exchanges occur between Betalingsservice users and Nets Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The deadline for submissions to Nets is 9:00am (CET) six working days before the end of the month preceding the month in which you wish to take the payment.

For example, if you wish to collect a payment in May, you should submit the payment to Nets no later than the 6 working days before the end of April.

Nets compile all information included in these submission files and send the customer a ‘payment summary,’ this should be available to the customer in the last few days of the month preceding the month in which the payment is due. This payment summary can be sent electronically (if requested by the customer) or by post and contains the following information:

  • Details of any new mandates the customer has set up
  • Details of any cancelled or expired mandates
  • Details of any upcoming payments over the following month, including:
    • The amount of an upcoming payment
    • The due date of an upcoming payment
    • The merchant details
  • Details of any rejected or reversed payments from the previous month
  • Additional, customisable text

Mandates can be created at any point during the month and will be registered by Nets on the next working day if submitted by 5:30pm (CET). However, mandates must be created at least one working day before payments can be created.

Once registered, future payments can be created against these mandates. If submitted before the six working day deadline (for payment submission), these payments can have a due date ranging from the 1st of the next month to 90 days in the future.

Nets can offer a ‘late’ deadline of 9:00am (CET), three working days before the end of the month preceding the month in which the payment is due. However, there is an additional late fee of 9.75KR per transaction on top of their standard fees, and information included in this submission will be sent to the customer in a separate Payment Summary. GoCardless will not be offering merchants this late deadline due to the significant increase in fees.

On the payment due date, funds will move from the customer’s account to the merchant’s bank account. Nets will send the merchant a 0602 file which contains information on the status of each payment. This contains the customer number used by the merchant to identify the customer, as well as the payment amount and will identify if a payment was successful or not. As mentioned in the customer protection section, the bank may still reverse a payment up to 2 working days after the payment due date.

Payment timings with GoCardless

GoCardless makes Direct Debit timings as efficient as possible, to create the best experience for our merchants and their customers. We process payment and file submissions, receive and communicate messages from Nets on your behalf, all whilst adhering to Betalingsservice deadlines. Additionally, payment statuses are readily available through your dashboard or API. View more about Betalingsservice and timings in our support centre.

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