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Scaling Your Payments and Billing Process: A Quick Guide to Streamlining Your Business

Deciding whether to buy or to build your in-house payments and billing solution? In this collaboration with Chargebee, we have outlined some key considerations you need to make when deciding to ‘Buy’ vs ‘Build’ your payments and billing solutions.

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When it comes to scaling your business, time invested on optimizing and automating your internal processes early on means greater time and resources saved down the road. A key place to start when looking to improve business efficiency and increase growth is to leverage critical technology that supports your needs today and scales with your business. 

The earlier you can streamline and automate your processes, the better – especially when it comes to your payments and billing strategy. While keeping this process in-house might seem like the better option at the beginning, as you start to scale, a manual payment and billing process can end up holding you back.

In our informative guide, you’ll be learning:

  • The cost of keeping your payments and billing process in-house

  • What resources are freed up by taking your payments and billing process to a provider

  • What to consider when assessing a payments and billing provider

  • How you can streamline your billing and payments with Chargebee and GoCardless