Payyr – A Direct Debit experiment for friends

Warning: Payyr has been deprecated and is no longer available. We recommend using one of our partner integrations or the GoCardless Dashboard to manage your payments.

Today, we're releasing Payyr, a free Direct Debit platform for friends. Think of it as a little Christmas gift.

Direct Debit is a fantastic payments system for businesses. As the UK's largest provider, we've helped thousands of them take control of their cash flow with it.

So what happens if you reimagine Direct Debit to help individuals collect small payments from each other? You get our new app, Payyr.

Payyr is Direct Debit for friends, on your iPhone. We've put an incredibly simple interface on top of GoCardless' next generation payments platform. Together they make IOUs a thing of the past.

Even better, Payyr is completely free, and takes 60 seconds to get set up. No contracts, no set up fees, and no transaction fees; just simple payments at last. The only limit is a collection cap of £200 per month per friend.

Payyr is very much in the experimental phase, so we can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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Our new API docs and Node library

I'm excited to announce the release of our rewritten and redesigned API docs at

We've rethought our documentation to provide more clarity and a better understanding of the core concepts of GoCardless. We've also added more example code for each of our official client libraries.

To help improve our documentation even more we're also making it open source.

New Node library

Swiftly following the joy of fresh, cleanly formatted docs I have the pleasure of introducing our new API library for Node.

Let's cut straight to creating a one off bill:

var url = gocardless.bill.newUrl({
  amount: '10.00',
  name: 'Coffee',
  description: 'One bag of single origin coffee'

// Now redirect to `url`

... or perhaps a subscription (we really like our coffee)

var url = gocardless.subscription.newUrl({
  amount: '30.00',
  interval_length: '1',
  interval_unit: 'month',
  name: 'Coffee',
  description: 'Fresh roast coffee subscription'

// Now redirect to `url`

Our Node library is currently in beta, so please get in touch if you experience any unexpected behaviour. For more example usage and documentation, please check out the Node library docs.

Open source and available today

Naturally, both our new API docs and Node client library are open source, and available on GitHub today.

This is also an opportune moment to say that we're hiring. If you love working on big problems then help us fix online payments.

We're hiring software developers
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Introducing bulk payments

Today, we're excited to announce a feature that's been on our roadmap since we started the redesign of our dashboards: bulk payment submission.

Now, you can take thousands of payments by Direct Debit in just a few clicks.

Taking multiple payments is easy. We generate a .csv file of your customer data which you can edit in your favourite spreadsheet software. You upload your modified .csv back to us and we'll validate it and let you review & submit your payments.

You can find a detailed guide to taking bulk payments here.

We hope this new feature will make it even easier to save time and money for your business. As always, we can't wait to hear your feedback.

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New payment timelines

Today, we're introducing a much improved payment timeline to your GoCardless dashboards.

The new interface provides more clarity around each stage of the payment process by recording events as they happen such as refunds or subscription cancellations. We also now combine each step of the process with actions that you can take.

When things don't go to plan, it's important to know exactly what's going on. The new timeline will display clearly any problems with your payment and allow you to easily resolve them.

For example, in the rare event that a payment fails because of insufficient funds, we'll tell you and let you retry the payment.

We hope the new payment timelines will make it easier to see the status of your payments as well as see exactly when you'll be getting paid.

Login to your dashboard now to check them out.

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Updated 'Pay with GoCardless' buttons for merchants

Following the rebranding of our splash pages and payment pages, we've updated our 'Pay with GoCardless' buttons for you to use when implementing GoCardless on your sites or apps.

You can find several variations of our button (including a 'Donate with GoCardless' version) as well as usage instructions in our help centre.

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Introducing our new payment pages

We've been working hard on our payment pages to bring them up to date with our new branding and improve the user experience for our customers.

Our new payment pages have been written from the ground up with speed and device agnosticism in mind. The new pages are, on average, over 60% faster than the previous version and now look great on your phone.

Check out the new design now at

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