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2 min readFinance

Accrued vs Deferred Revenue: Understanding the Difference

We explain the difference between accrued and deferred revenue & why it matters

2 min readFinance

5 of the Best Finance Books Available in 2021

Improve your business and personal finances with these invaluable finance books.

2 min readFinance

What is Financial Modelling & Why is it Important?

Financial modelling is an invaluable tool for your business. Here’s how it works

2 min readFinance

How to Calculate Future Value

Future value is calculated using the future value formula

2 min readPayments

What is an EFT payment?

Explore the EFT payment method in more detail with our comprehensive guide.

2 min readAccountants

What is an Accounting System?

We explore different accounting systems and why they’re essential for businesses

2 min readFinance

HMRC personal tax account

Learn what you can do with your HMRC personal tax account in our guide

2 min readFinance

Tax identification numbers in the UK

Find out about the UK versions of an official Tax Identification Number

2 min readFinance

How to Measure Operational Risk

Maximise profits for your company by managing your operational risk

2 min readFinance

What Is Z-Score?

Z-score represents the stability of a company’s financial profile.

3 min readFinance

How to Avoid Business Bankruptcy

Do you feel like you’re drowning in bills? Here’s how to avoid bankruptcy.

2 min readFinance

What Is Passive Income?

Top up your regular revenue with these passive income investments.

2 min readFinance

Active vs. Passive Investing

How do passive income investments stack up to actively managed funds?

2 min readFinance

The Fundamentals of Financial Analysis

We explain the importance and fundamental elements of financial analysis.

3 min readFinance

What is Conduct Risk and How to Manage it

Understanding conduct risk and how to manage it

3 min readFinance

Effective Risk Management Strategies

Learn how to implement an effective risk management process

3 min readFinance

Best Risk Management Software in 2021

Discover the top 10 risk assessment & management software for your business.

2 min readFinance

What is an Actuary & Why Might You Need One?

We explore the role of an actuary and how they can benefit your business

2 min readFinance

What Is a Prospectus in Finance?

A prospectus allows a company to make an investment security public.

2 min readFinance

What is Deferred Income & Why Is It Important?

Find out why deferred income is an important in your business accounting.

2 min readFinance

How to Handle a Financial Crisis

Learn how to steer your business through times of financial crisis.

2 min readFinance

Operating Budgets For Small Businesses

Take control of your business costs by mastering your operating budget

2 min readFinance

Loan Notes Explained

We explain how loan notes work and how they can benefit your business.

2 min readFinance

Share Options For Small Businesses

We explain how share options can work for your business.

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