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Latest articles

3 min readBusiness Management

What are the seven internal control procedures?

Internal controls are essential to the integrity of your accounts

2 min readFinance

What is opportunity cost and how to calculate it

Discover the benefits of calculating opportunity cost

2 min readAccounting

How to create a sales ledger

A sales ledger allows businesses to see a breakdown of sales

2 min readAccounting

Guide to subsistence expenses

Subsistence expenses are an essential part of tax planning

4 min readEnterprise

The 8 dimensions of recurring payments: Preference

Understand how you can grow your business by offering preferred payment methods.

2 min readFinance

Calculating customer lifetime value

Create happy, long-term customers

2 min readFinance

Understanding pricing strategies

Find the best price for you and your customers

2 min readAlternative Payment Options

What is bitcoin?

Learn about the leading cryptocurrency: bitcoin

2 min readAccounting

What is a proforma invoice?

Learn more about these pre-emptive invoices

2 min readAccounting

What is competitive pricing?

Create prices to beat the competition

2 min readFinance

Sales forecasting and why it matters for your business

Find out how sales forecasting can help you run your business

2 min readAccounting

An Introduction To Contribution Margin

Learn about contribution margin to fine-tune your forward planning

2 min readFinance

The cash ratio and what it tells you about your business

Find out how to calculate the cash ratio of your business

2 min readFinance

Why is Cash Flow Management Important?

We explain cash flow management and why it’s so important for SMEs

2 min readFinance

Benefits of Alternative Payment Methods for Small Businesses

We examine how alternative payment methods benefit your business and customers

2 min readFinance

10 essential financial terms to know

Get financially fluent with our guide to finance terms to know

2 min readFinance

Guide to the compound interest formula

Learn how to calculate the compound interest formula and what it means

2 min readGrowth

What is the AIDA model?

AIDA funnel marketing can streamline your advertising efforts. Here’s how

3 min readFinance

What is deflation?

Find out how deflation differs from inflation, and what it means for you

2 min readFinance

How fiscal policy impacts business

What is fiscal policy, and why is it important for businesses? Find out more

3 min readFinance

How to value a business

A business valuation helps you whether you’re buying, selling, or investing

3 min readFinance

Introduction to macroeconomics

Understanding the principles of macroeconomics is useful for any business

3 min readFinance

Understanding microeconomics

Learn more about the law of supply and demand in microeconomic theory

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