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GoCardless & Sage 50cloud

End late payments

GoCardless puts you in control of collecting payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts

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End late payments
End late payments

Automatically collect payment for your invoices

  • Goodbye late payments

    Goodbye late payments

    With GoCardless, when an invoice is due, payment is automatically collected so you don’t have to chase.

    Businesses get paid 47% faster with GoCardless.

  • Lower-cost alternative to cards

    Lower-cost alternative to cards

    Bank-to-bank payments cut out the costs of card networks. The automation also reduces the cost of chasing payments.

    GoCardless lowers the total cost to accept recurring payments by 56%

  • Popular with payers

    Popular with payers

    Businesses prefer to pay invoices via their bank account.

    40% of UK businesses are likely to use direct debit to pay an invoice.

  • Less admin

    Less admin

    Save hours on your bookkeeping too. GoCardless payments are automatically reconciled in Sage 50cloud

    Spend 90% less hours on managing payments.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

How it works

Select a customer and send them a link from your Sage 50cloud account.

Your customer enters their payment details securely online, authorising you to collect Direct Debit payments from their bank account. They only have to do this once.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

Send a Sage 50cloud invoice as usual. GoCardless schedules payment to be automatically collected on the invoice due date.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

Payment is collected from your customer’s bank account without them needing to lift a finger.

GoCardless always notifies your customer before the payment is collected.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

Payment is processed and paid straight to your bank account. Sage 50Cloud automatically reconciles the payment and associated fees.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless
Guy Hudson, Owner, Norwich Residential Management
Guy Hudson, Owner, Norwich Residential Management

Guy Hudson, Owner, Norwich Residential Management

“With GoCardless, previous problem clients are no longer an issue and payments stream in every month.”

Watch a demo

Get a tour of how GoCardless works with your Sage 50cloud accounting software


  • Flexible payments

    Flexible payments

    Made for recurring payments - whether invoicing regular customers or subscriptions fees.

  • Success+ intelligent retries

    Success+ intelligent retries

    Use recurring payment intelligence to predict and manage payment failures. Recover, on average, 76% of failed payments.

    Learn more

  • Collect payment in instalments

    Collect payment in instalments

    Split a single invoice payment into a customisable schedule of instalments. GoCardless automatically collects part-payments until the balance is complete.

Low fees, no hidden pricing

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Starting at 1% + 20p per transaction, capped at £4.

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Trusted by 70,000 businesses worldwide

Simple and scalable

“It’s easy to set up, works well without much resource required to manage it, and fits perfectly with our values around security, reliability, and growth.”

No hassle

“I can set up payments for three months down the line and forget about it”

Saves time

“We save two days a month just on reconciliation alone.”

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Connect your GoCardless account in the Sage 50cloud Settings menu. Head to Company Preferences and in the GoCardless for Sage 50cloud tab, click ’Let’s get started’.

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Support centre

Support centre

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