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Payment scheme timings

This is the GoCardless Payment Scheme Timings Page which sets out the Payment Scheme Timings which are applicable for each Payment Scheme.

You should note the following when interpreting this Payment Scheme Timings Page:

  • The capitalised terms used on this Payment Scheme Timings Page have the meaning given to them in the Payment Services Agreement. 

  • Reference to ‘D’ means the chosen payment date, as agreed between you and the Customer.  ‘D’ will always be a Business Day (unless otherwise stated). 

  • These Payment Scheme Timings reflect the usual timings applicable when you use the Services.  GoCardless may, on an exceptions-only basis and subject to written agreement, agree with you variations to these Payment Scheme Timings (for example, varying the Payment Scheme Timings for funds to be paid from the GoCardless Bank Account to your Nominated Account). 

  • As a general principle, the Payment Scheme Timings reflect actions GoCardless will take with respect to Payment Scheme Mandates and Payment Orders.  GoCardless cannot guarantee these Payment Scheme Timings and you should be aware that third parties are involved in the overall execution of Payment Scheme Mandates and Payment Orders (including the Payment Schemes themselves, Customers’ banks, and the banks operating Nominated Accounts). For example, when GoCardless transfers funds from the GoCardless Bank Account, the funds may take an additional 1-3 Business Days to reach the Merchant’s Nominated Account. Additionally, failures or issues relating to these third parties are outside of GoCardless’ control and may impact these Payment Scheme Timings. 

  • For transactions subject to foreign exchange (fx) (i.e. those where GoCardless collects funds for you in one currency and you wish to have these converted and paid out in another), please allow an additional 1-5 days for GoCardless to transfer funds from the GoCardless Bank Account to your Nominated Account. GoCardless cannot guarantee these timings and you should be aware of potential failures or issues relating to third parties we work with in relation to fx and currency conversion which may impact these timings.

  • All the Payment Scheme Timings listed below assume that a Payment Scheme Mandate has been successfully created between you and a Customer. 

  • Other than BECS Australia and BECS New Zealand, which refer to their respective local times (AEST and NZST) all references to times are to GMT.

You should be aware that where you amend a Payment Scheme Mandate or Payment Order (for example, where you edit the amount of payment, or pause and resume your subscription), there are scheme notice periods which impact the time by which you must make these amendments. You can find more information on editing subscriptions here, and pausing subscriptions here.

Payment Scheme Timings for Bank Debit Payment Schemes:

Autogiro (Sweden)

Download PDF

ACH (United States)

Bacs (United Kingdom)

Betalingsservice (Denmark)

BECS (Australia)

BECS (New Zealand)

Faster ACH (United States)

SEPA (Eurozone)

PAD (Canada)

Payment Scheme Timings for Instant Bank Pay Payment Schemes:

Faster Payments (United Kingdom)

Faster Payments Direct Settlement (United Kingdom)

PayTo Australia

SEPA Credit Transfer (Eurozone)

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (Eurozone)

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