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If you plan to collect payments from outside the UK you'll need a provider which is available in the relevant countries and currencies.

Credit cards are widely accepted across the world with the exception of only a handful of countries.

If a lot of your customers are from the US or other non-EU countries, you need to offer card payments as there is no worldwide Direct Debit system.

With the advent of SEPA Direct Debit, Direct Debit can now be used for payments throughout Europe but it is limited to the SEPA area.

SEPA Direct Debit is a pan-European Direct Debit system. It is an automated payment method that lets merchants collect Euro-denominated payments from across the 34 SEPA countries.

If most of your customers are within Europe then Direct Debit may work out cheaper for you - particularly with the advent of the new SEPA Direct Debit scheme.

If you'd like to start collecting Direct Debit across Europe then GoCardless is probably your best option as there are no additional fees.
Credit cards
Do it yourself

Setting everything up yourself from scratch +

Payment Express
Do it yourself

Additional fees apply for international payments. You will also usually need to have a merchant account in a major trading country, typically the USA, UK, EU or Canada.
  • Currencies other than GBP, Euros and USD are an additional £15/month + £25 for setup
  • Payment Express: Payment Express charge an additional £50 set up for multi currency processing
Do it yourself

While most UK banks do now offer SEPA payments, most bureaus (including FastPay and Smartdebit) do not yet offer payments outside of the UK.
Legal and financial
Do it yourself

Managing everything yourself through a bank or a bureau +

SmartDebit FastPay
Payments service provider

A full service payment provider +

PayPal Adyen
Payment Service Providers

Most Payment Service Providers other than PayPal require you to have a bank account in a major trading country. Additional fees apply for international payments:
Direct Debit Management Software

Both Fundtech and Bottomline offer SEPA Direct Debit payments but these require an add-on to the software package, at an additional cost.
Management software

A full featured software suite +

Bottomline Fundtech
Payment processor

A combined merchant account and payment gateway +

Stripe Braintree
Payment Processors

Most Payment Processors require you to have a bank account in a major trading country. Additional fees may apply for international payments:
  • Stripe: Stripe fees are the same no matter where your customers are based.
  • Braintree Braintree is available for merchants in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

    Braintree does not charge foreign exchange fees and European card transactions are not charged cross-border fees. Transactions on cards issued outside of certain European countries will cost 3.4% (UK/Ireland) or 3.9% (rest of Europe).

GoCardless currently offer SEPA payments in select European countries. Fees are the same no matter where your customers are based.

The UK's leading Direct Debit provider +

Collecting international payments can add on a significant cost to your payments process.

However, Stripe and GoCardless offer the same low pricing no matter where your customers are based.

Understanding when you will receive a payment is key to deciding which is the right option for you.

GoCardless makes it quick and easy to use Direct Debit

Start taking payments in minutes