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Top 6 management software for coworking spaces

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The latest management software for coworking spaces is helping the new hybrid working model succeed. The pandemic revealed to many businesses that remote working can work, and elements of it remain even now after we have generally returned to the office.

Hybrid working combines some remote working with some in-office working, and for many workers this is an ideal combination. However, it has created some new obstacles to overcome, such as space and resource management.

Knowing which employees will be on-site or working remotely on any given day is enough of a task, before having to assign office space and resources accordingly. Helping make it work are the variety of management software packages for coworking spaces. These packages help organisations to manage their business operations and workflows, even with some colleagues working from other locations. 

Here we look at six popular coworking management software packages available today:

  • Clearooms

  • Envoy


  • MyDesk

  • SpaceRunner

  • Robin Powered


 Clearooms is a user-friendly hot desk and meeting room management software package. It has been designed for SME companies using a hybrid workspace model. Set it up easily with features including meeting room booking, desk booking and availability tracking. Reports and insights are also available via the dashboard.


 Book desks and conference rooms and manage deliveries in over 14,000 locations around the globe. Safety and security is a big priority for Envoy’s coworking membership management software, with features to safeguard people, property and ideas.


 The cloud-based iOFFICE is an integrated workplace management and facilities management solution. It aims to help businesses manage their operations and workflows. Choose from a variety of modules, with management features for space, service requests, visitors, mail and more. iOFFICE also provides reports on space usage and management.


The MyDesk space management software is one of the best coworking management software packages for medium and large businesses. MyDesk has been specifically designed for hot desking, room management, meeting rooms, canteen management and parking. You’ll find it one of the easiest coworking management apps to navigate, thanks to its intuitive controls.


SpaceRunner is another cloud-based management software package for coworking spaces. It can help businesses of any size to monitor employee occupancy across corporate workspaces. View interactive floor plans, site maps and visual diagrams, as well as identify specific data using smart icons. Also, track maintenance and information requests via the issue management module.

Robin Powered

Also using the cloud is Robin Powered. It is an excellent management software package for coworking spaces, suiting businesses from many different industries including real estate and consumer electronics to marketing, advertising and even finance and information technology. Features include automated scheduling, group scheduling, room booking management and multi-location support. Study its deep analytics to better understand workflow and how resources are being used.

Alternative coworking software solutions

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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