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4 businesses investing in bank payments

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We’re going to look at four different businesses that have invested in bank payments to help solve unique business issues, grow their businesses and launch new products. 


Nude, the savings app for first time buyers, is on a mission to make it easy for its users to save for their first home. Nude users can choose to make regular or one-off payments - which Nude calls contributions - to their savings pot. That means Nude receives money in a variety of ways from regular monthly payday contributions, to single payments when people can afford them.

They knew right from the get-go that bank payments with GoCardless were the best way to do this. Nude customers, through one simple set up, can make instant, one-off payments and variable monthly payments all direct from their bank account. All of which are automated through one platform. This has given them peace of mind and more time to focus on scaling their business. 

“When you’re pulling together the infrastructure to run a company, it’s really important to choose the right partners. GoCardless had a flexible offering. They delivered on time. The platform was easy to use and integrate.” Crawford Taylor, CEO and Founder. 

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Docusign is a global SaaS brand that helps businesses manage electronic agreements, and is on a mission to accelerate business and simplify life for companies. They needed a payment solution that was reliable for recurring payments and preferred by customers in many of its key markets. GoCardless, a global bank debit solution, was the perfect solution. 

They’re now offering bank debit in many countries where it’s the preferred payment option. Preference is particularly strong in the Netherlands and Germany, where 35% and 23% of respective new purchases use bank debit and customers choosing to pay by bank debit typically spend 14% more. Conversion rates have also increased by 10% now that GoCardless is available alongside credit cards and PayPal. 

Beverly Tu, DocuSign’s Director of eCommerce Growth explained the main reason for choosing GoCardless: “GoCardless has enabled us to give our new customers a payment option that’s ideally suited for the recurring nature of subscription payments.”

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Perky Blenders 

The husband and wife team behind East London’s Perky Blenders have gone from roasting coffee in their garden to opening four coffee shops, a thriving online subscription service and a growing wholesale supply business.

From the very earliest days of their journey, the Perky Blender’s team has used GoCardless to make sure they get paid on time, every time – with minimal fuss for themselves and their customers.

The simple and seamless experience that GoCardless provides helps them to punch above their weight. By dodging admin and cutting payment timings, they’ve been able to save around £20,000 on admin costs. 

Victoria Cozens, co-founder, says getting paid with GoCardless also frees up something arguably even more valuable: “It just cuts down so much time, time on the phone, time chasing emails, time following up. I think I estimate that I save personally two days a week of work just by using GoCardless.”

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Norwegian Refugee Council 

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental organisation (NGO) focused on protecting the rights of, and offering direct help to, displaced people. For the NRC, minimising the impact of payment failure was vital to ensuring that the flow of funds was not interrupted. They use Success+ to retry payments when they’re most likely to be successful, instead of retrying payments as soon as they fail. They’ve achieved a 7% increase in recapturing failed payments which ultimately means more money going to displaced people. 

More widely, adopting GoCardless has enabled NRC to reduce the time spent on payments administration with an automated, low-touch payments platform that helps bring money in while lowering costs.

“GoCardless saves us 50-60 hours on payment admin and reconciliation every month, so it really helps ensure we meet our mission of at least 90% of all of the funds we raise reaching people in need.”

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Over 85,000 businesses use GoCardless to get paid on time. Learn more about how you can improve payment processing at your business today.

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help
Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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