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4 businesses investing in automated bank payments

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Take a look at how 4 businesses are investing in automated bank payments

Big and small businesses are investing in automated bank payments to help them grow.

We’re going to look at 4 different businesses that are using automated payments to help solve unique business challenges, grow their businesses and launch new products.

Simply Energy

Simply Energy serves customers with low-cost, affordable, sustainable energy – and it aims to do so with minimal hassle.

As part of efforts to simplify the customer payment experience and its own processes, Simply Energy is migrating its operations to a new payments orchestration platform. That’s where GoCardless comes in.

“GoCardless delivers instant API interactions where we can send the payment request via our API, receive the payment responses in return via our API, and no longer have to deal with outdated technology,” said Jen. “We've gone from an end-to-end process of creating the Direct Debit request in our billing engine, sending it to the payment provider, having them process it, and then respond back, to almost total automation.”

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FundTap is a fast-growing fintech whose mission is to support small and medium businesses in New Zealand and Australia, by providing financing against their outstanding invoices to boost cash flow.

“We were built from the ground up to be easy, online and automated,” said Matt Peacey, Founder and CEO, FundTap. “Collecting payments with GoCardless from day one was an easy choice, because they have a significant amount of experience and, like us, they’re dedicated to driving automation and continuous improvement. They also have a strong integration with Xero and, between the three of us, we've got very aligned values around finding solutions to help small businesses.”

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Sustainable Salons

Sustainable Salons is a social enterprise that collects waste from hair salons, barbers, beauty salons, dermal clinics & pet groomers in Australia and New Zealand. It then recycles that waste into several socially and environmentally responsible products, and donates 100% of the profits back to communities. “We want our members not to have to think about their payment and whether their money was collected correctly,” said Paul Frasca, Co-Founder, Sustainable Salons. “We want them to have a seamless journey and GoCardless provides that, enabling them to get on with the business of doing hair and making their clients look good.”

“Working with the banks came with a lot of red tape,” said Paul. “We were introduced to GoCardless through our work with Arcturious, who have been instrumental in digitizing and automating our operations around the Salesforce platform.”

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Dukes Gym

Dukes Gym is a full-service gym offering one-on-one personal training, semi-private personal training and round the clock access for members. For owner Jonathan Quieros it is both a business and a passion.

To make payments as seamless and as easy as possible, Dukes Gym collects its members’ subscription payments using GoCardless.

“We only offer one payment option and that's fortnightly Direct Debit by GoCardless,” said Jason Quieros, Founder and Owner. “The reason for that is GoCardless has full integration with our GymMaster member management platform so it makes payments a lot easier to manage.”

“GoCardless and GymMaster have saved us roughly 20 hours a week, filing, scanning, entering data, going back and rechecking stuff,” he said.

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