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2 min readBacs

Bacs Payments Made on Friday: Clearance Times

If you send a BACS payment on a Friday, when will it clear?

2 min readBacs

How to become a Bacs Approved Supplier

Discover the steps involved in gaining BACS approved status

2 min readBacs

How do Bacs direct debit rules apply to my business?

These are the direct debit rules you need to know

2 min readBacs

Where to Get BACS Approved Software

Discover the names of BACS approved software providers

2 min readPayments

Do BACS Payments Go In At Midnight?

Find out when BACS payments are settled so as to better manage your cash flow.

2 min readBacs

Advantages of Bacs Payments

Learn about the advantages of Bacs payments for your business.

2 min readBacs

What is the difference between BACS and CHAPS?

Learn about the pros and cons of the BACS and CHAPS payment methods.

2 min readBacs

What is remittance advice for Bacs payments?

Discover more about Bacs payment remittance advice with GoCardless.

7 min readBacs

A Complete Guide to Bacs Payments

A guide on Bacs payments in the UK: everything you need to know about Direct Debit, Bacs Direct Credit, CHAPS and Faster Payments.

2 min readBacs

Bacs TLS and SHA-2 Security Updates

The deadline is getting ever closer... you'll need to upgrade unless your software supports the new security standard.

2 min readBacs

Bacs approved bureaus

This guide walks you through what a Bacs approved bureau is and the benefits and reasons for using one.

3 min readBacs

How to use Bacstel-IP

Bacstel-IP, Bacs approved software and the Bacs payment services website.

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