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2 min readAccounting

What is a profit and loss account?

Read on to find out more about the importance of profit and loss statements.

6 min readGlobal Payments

Guide to ACH return codes

What happens if an ACH payment is returned? Find out right here.

2 min readCash flow

Accounts payable vs. accounts receivable

What is the difference between accounts receivable and accounts payable?

2 min readCash flow

What are incremental cash flows?

Learn how to calculate incremental cash flow with our comprehensive guide.


[On-demand webinar] The road to success: introducing our new payment intelligence product

Watch our free webinar and discover how recurring payment intelligence can help reduce your payment failures.

2 min readCash flow

How to manage a credit balance in accounts receivable

Our comprehensive guide to managing a credit balance in accounts receivable.

2 min readCash flow

How does depreciation affect cash flow?

Want to know more about depreciation in cash flow statements? Read on.

2 min readAccounting

A small business guide to debt reduction strategies

Our comprehensive guide to debt reduction strategies for small business.

2 min readCash flow

Is accounts receivable considered an asset?

Why is accounts receivable an asset? Find out with our definitive guide.

2 min readAccounting

Contribution margin: What is it, how do you calculate it, and what does it tell us?

What is contribution margin? Check out our guide for more information.

2 min readCash flow

What are trade receivables?

Find out everything you need to know about trade receivables, right here.

3 min readAlternative Payment Options

Best online payment gateways for small business in the UK

Find the best payment gateway for your company with our handy guide.

3 min readFinance

How financial projections can help your business

Want to learn how to make financial projections for small business? Here’s how.

WebinarCash flow

Webinar: Managing cash flow in a crisis

with Catherine Birkett, CFO, GoCardless

2 min readFinance

How to Calculate Debt-to-Equity Ratio

What is a good debt-to-equity ratio? Get the lowdown with our simple guide.

2 min readPayments

What Does TARGET2 Mean?

Learn everything you need to know about TARGET2 with our comprehensive guide.

1 min readGoCardless

Pause your customers’ subscriptions more easily

A new feature makes it easier to pause multiple customer subscriptions.

2 min readSubscription

Why does MRR churn matter for SaaS businesses?

Get the lowdown on MRR for SaaS businesses with our comprehensive guide.

2 min readAccounting

How to Calculate Net Present Value (NPV)

Calculating NPV? Here’s our net present value formula.

2 min readAccounting

How to calculate WACC (weighted average cost of capital)

Learn how to calculate your business’s weighted average cost of capital.

3 min readGrowth

How to develop an effective annual plan

Find out how to make an annual operating plan with our simple guide.

3 min readSubscription

The difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

Find out more about IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services with our handy guide.

2 min readAccounting

What does days payable outstanding mean?

Find out how to calculate days payable outstanding, and more.

2 min readGlobal Payments

5 key steps to taking your business global

Want to learn how to take your business global? Here’s how to do it.

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