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Latest articles

2 min readAccounting

How To Calculate The Cost Of Goods Sold

Find out how the cost of goods sold makes a big difference to your bottom line

2 min readBusiness Management

Fixed Assets: Definition and Examples

Fixed assets are important. Here’s what you need to know about them

3 min readPayments

Payments + cloud accounting: 4 reasons smart businesses connect them

Don't let running your business be harder than it needs to be.

2 min readAccounting

What is Rational Choice Theory?

How does rational choice theory explain the working of free markets?

2 min readAccounting

What is a payment on account?

Keep on top of HMRC payments using your Self Assessment payment on account

2 min readAccounting

What is a director’s loan account?

A director’s loan account may be your key to emergency funds

2 min readBusiness Management

What is a public limited company?

Why do some businesses choose to become a public limited company?

2 min readAccounting

Understanding Disbursements: A Guide

A guide to disbursements for those who use or offer professional services

2 min readBusiness Management

What Is a Limited Liability Company?

Is a limited liability company the perfect structure for your small business?

3 min readBusiness Management

How to set up as a sole trader

Discover what it means to set up as a sole trader with HMRC

2 min readGrowth

What is inbound marketing?

Here’s why growing an audience is so important for inbound marketing

2 min readGrowth

How to create a positioning strategy for your business

Positioning in marketing offers an easy way to stand out from the crowd

2 min readGrowth

Market segmentation: types, definition, and examples

Communicate more effectively with your target audience via market segmentation

2 min readAccounting

Amortisation: What it Means & How it’s Calculated

We explain the meaning of amortisation, how it’s calculated and why it matters

2 min readFinance

5 Ways to Manage your Small Business Finances

We show you how to take control of your small business finances

2 min readFinance

Understanding Accretion: A Guide for Business Owners

What is accretion? And how does it affect you and your business?

2 min readFinance

Understanding Arrears: Meaning & Calculations Explained

We explain what ‘paid in arrears’ means and how they're calculated

2 min readAccounting

What is the break even point?

Find out when and how to use the break even point formula in business

2 min readBusiness Management

How to write an effective performance review

Great feedback encourages growth. Find out how to write a performance review

3 min readGrowth

Marketing Mix Strategy: Everything You Need to Know

How to use marketing mix strategy to enhance and streamline your output

2 min readGrowth

What is CRM? A Guide For Businesses

How could CRM and CRM tools benefit your business endeavours?

2 min readGrowth

Market Penetration Strategy: A Guide for Businesses

Make a big impression on your target market with a market penetration strategy

2 min readBusiness Management

What is an oligopoly?

We explain the meaning of an oligopoly and why you need to understand it

2 min readBusiness Management

What is Monopolistic Competition?

Understanding monopolistic competition can give you a competitive edge.

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