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Web App Payment Processing

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Online shoppers expect a seamless payment experience. Businesses should keep this in mind when designing any ecommerce website or online payment system. As you compare payment gateways and processors, you should think not only about its price and features, but how well it will integrate with your existing web app. In this guide, we’ll cover the options when it comes to web app payment processing so you can find the best fit.

How do online payments work?

Before diving into the world of web app payment systems, it helps to go over the general online payment process. Online payments include any systems that allow businesses to accept money from customers without the transfer of physical cash and cards. Instead, payments are processed online using secure payment gateways or processors. These might include digital wallets like Apple Pay, all-in-one processors like PayPal, or gateways like Stripe and Square.

Payment gateways provide the interface allowing customers to enter their online payment details. The details are fully encrypted and submitted to the processor, who links the user bank account with the merchant account. Web app payment processing allows businesses to integrate these gateways or other payment solutions directly into their own online storefronts or other apps.

How to integrate web app payment processing

When comparing payment options for web app payment processing, you should first consider how well the solution will integrate with current systems. Ideally, your ecommerce checkout, accounting, and billing systems should integrate and work together.

For example, GoCardless makes it easy to collect payments directly from customers’ bank accounts using Direct Debit. The GoCardless API allows you to collect payments everywhere with a single integration, enabling authorisation and collection. It also allows businesses to stay up to date with webhooks. Users can add customers through their website with the API integration, while accessing the GoCardless dashboard for account management and billing.

What are the benefits of progressive web app payments?

Progressive web apps are web-based apps that look like and perform as well as native or platform-specific apps. This makes them ideal for taking payments across multiple devices for a cross-channel payment experience. Once you’ve installed a progressive web app, you’ll be able to access it through your central dashboard or home screen. Benefits include functions like push notifications, responsive design, and secure HTTPS connection.

With online payment solutions like these, businesses have the capability of utilising a wider range of marketing channels across multiple platforms. You’ll be able to take recurring payments as well as one-off transactions.

How to choose a web app payment system

There’s an array of different payment gateways, processors, and apps out there, so how can you find the right fit? Think about the degree of customisation you require. While some businesses prefer to use their own team of developers, others prefer an out-of-the-box solution that enables instant payment processing. Services like PayPal offer an all-in-one solution, while Stripe offers more custom potential to make it your own and GoCardless offers seamless integration.

Which payment methods will the solution enable? Does it work only with your website, or does it translate across into mobile apps and alternative platforms? In addition to API integration and customisation, consider your budget. Some solutions are suited to micropayments, while others are better for international and high-value transactions.

GoCardless is a payment solution that operates much in the same way as a payment gateway, by taking financial details and enabling payment processing. Instant bank pay is powered by open banking for greater control over one-off payments, while direct debit is ideal for recurring payments. Take charge of your payment processing with a flexible, user-friendly solution to improve cash flow.

We can help

GoCardless is a global payments solution that helps you automate payment collection, cutting down on the amount of financial admin your team needs to deal with. Find out how GoCardless can help you with one-off or recurring payments.

Over 85,000 businesses use GoCardless to get paid on time. Learn more about how you can improve payment processing at your business today.

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help
Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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