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Can I change a direct debit?

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Last editedJun 20222 min read

If you are a payer, you can amend a direct debit by contacting the merchant taking your payment. If you are a merchant, the steps you take to amend a direct debit will depend on various factors. In general, any amendments must be made by 4pm three working days before the payment is due to be charged.

How to amend a direct debit for payers

If you simply want to change a direct debit in some way, then you should contact the merchant you are paying. If you want to update your bank details with a merchant then you should still contact the merchant in the first instance. The exact process for changing your bank details will, however, depend on how the merchant processes direct debits.

Changing a direct debit to another account for payers

Assuming the merchant uses GoCardless, there are three possible ways for you to update your bank details. The merchant may ask you to provide them with your new details for them to update. They may send you a link to a web form for you to enter your new details yourself. Alternatively, they may ask you to call GoCardless to have your details updated.

Cancelling direct debits for payers

If you wish to cancel a direct debit then you should also, generally, contact the merchant in the first instance. If, however, there is a reason why you cannot or specifically do not wish to do this, then you have two other options. You can contact your bank or you can contact GoCardless directly.

Both your bank and GoCardless can cancel your direct debit mandate. A direct debit mandate is an authorisation for payment. Once this is cancelled a merchant will be unable to take further payments from your bank account. Please note, however, that GoCardless is unable to authorise refunds for payments.

If you would like to request a refund for a payment then, again, you should generally contact the merchant in the first instance. If, however, this is not possible or you have a specific reason for not wanting to contact them, then you can ask your bank to process an indemnity claim (chargeback) under the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme.

Please note, if you see GoCardless on your bank statement but do not recognise the transaction, you can check it on the payment lookup tool. This will give you the name of the merchant who requested the payment. All payments processed through GoCardless are fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme.

How to amend a direct debit for merchants

If you are a GoCardless merchant then the process for amending direct debits depends on how you access GoCardless. If you use the API or a partner integration (such as Xero) then you would typically make the changes through the API or your partner integration. These changes would then be reflected in the GoCardless system and become visible in the GoCardless dashboard.

If you manage your payments directly through the GoCardless dashboard, then you would use the dashboard to make any necessary changes. If you need to amend a subscription, then you can edit the amount charged. 

You cannot, however, edit the date the payment should be charged. If you need to change this, you should cancel the subscription and create a new one. Similarly, if you need to amend a one-off payment, then you need to cancel it completely and create a new one.

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Changing a direct debit to another account for merchants

If you are on the GoCardless Pro package, then you will have the option to amend payers’ bank details yourself. If you are on the Standard or Plus packages then you can either request the payer signs up again with their new details or request the payer contacts GoCardless to amend their details by phone.

Cancelling direct debits for merchants

Both subscriptions and one-off payments need to be cancelled by 4pm three working days before the charge date. Please note that cancelling (or pausing) a subscription only stops payments from being created in the future. If a payment has already been created it will need to be cancelled separately.

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