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5 Xero add-ons to help grow your business

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Xero is one of the most widely used and trusted accounting tools on the market. This is why we’re proud to offer Xero integrations that make it easier for businesses to make payments and get paid. For instance, GoCardless users can facilitate instant bank payments via invoice. Users can send their customers an invoice through Xero with GoCardless attached. The customer simply clicks on a ‘Pay now’ button within the invoice and fills in a quick form to facilitate seamless bank-to-bank payment via Instant Bank Pay. They can also use GoCardless to set up Direct Debit payments in Xero

This is just one of the ways in which you can enhance your experience with Xero. But the benefits don’t stop with our own integration. 

Here, we look at 5 other powerful Xero add-ons to help you to grow your business. 


Growing your business can be difficult in these economically turbulent times. You never know how recession, global conflict or health crises could affect your operations. Being able to predict and prepare for cash flow gaps and quiet periods is absolutely essential to navigating the perils and pitfalls that plague small businesses. 

Float is an advanced cash flow management system that pulls data from Xero for accurate cash flow forecasting. You can even use its scenario planning feature to model the effects of different events on future cash flows. 

Receipt Bank

Still storing your expense receipts in a fat envelope? Receipt Bank is a great resource for digitising and centralising your receipts, bills and invoices for easier HMRC compliance. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Receipt Bank works with Xero’s accounts payable automation, extracting information from receipts, bills, and invoices before matching it directly to your bank feed for effortless bank reconciliation. 

So you can easily achieve the financial transparency needed to fund and facilitate your growth. 


SMEs offering services of all kinds benefit enormously from integrating WorkFlowMax with Xero. WorkFlowMax is a comprehensive management tool to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of service providers from solicitors and ad agencies to bars, restaurants and cafes. 

WorkFlowMax has a great suite of features to help you to grow your business. These include lead and client management tools for an effective pipeline, timesheet management for effective HR spending, job costing tools for accurate quotes, as well as tools for creating purchase orders and invoices.

And because WorkFlowMax is owned by Xero, you can be sure of seamless and efficient integration with accurate real-time reporting for full financial transparency. 


Effective inventory management plays a huge part in growing your business. It helps you to identify areas of excess spending, find opportunities to ease liquidity, capitalise on the popularity of your best-performing products and target your best customers. 

Vend is part e-commerce platform, part inventory-management suite, part customer loyalty software. Sharing data with Xero, it facilitates automatic syncing of products across online and physical stores, tracking inventory, sales history and even employee performance. All in a single easy-to-use hub. 


If Vend’s offering is too diffuse in its features for you, Unleashed is another excellent inventory management solution. 

Unleashed provides small businesses with everything they need to get a clear, centralised picture of their inventory including location tracking, warehouse management, serial number tracking, pricing in a range of prices, fully costed purchase orders and real-time stock control.

Because it integrates directly with your Xero account, inventory management records are imported automatically to create a centralised repository of business data that aids and informs agile decision-making. 

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