GoCardless is the simpler way
to accept Direct Debit

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GoCardless is the simpler way to accept Direct Debit Find out more

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Our tips on making payments work for you

Online payment systems made simple

Online payments systems can be tough to understand. In this article, we demystify payments and recommend a range of alternative systems for those specific non-Direct Debit use cases.

Charities: which Direct Debit bureau is right for you?

Direct debit is a great way for charities to collect payments and the three main providers are GoCardless, Valldata & Rapidata.

How to move customers to GoCardless

There are three main ways you can switch your customers over to GoCardless, which option is right for you will depend on a few things including whether you were already collecting Direct Debit payments and which GoCardless product you’re using.

How to use Bacstel-IP

We’ve put together a quick guide to Bacstel-IP, Bacs approved software and the Bacs payment services website.

PayPal vs GoCardless

We’ve put together a super simple table pitting GoCardless against PayPal on criteria like customer support, cost and international reach.

How to take payments from European customers

Taking payments from customers in a European country has traditionally been a confusing affair. This post walks you through your five main options for taking payments from Direct Debit to card and bank transfer.

How to set up customers to use Direct Debit

Merchants often ask us for help getting their customers set up to use Direct Debit, so we've put together six simple steps that you can use to help them through the process.

Can you use Direct Debit for variable or one-off payments?

Direct Debit is pretty versatile and the same things that make it great for regular, fixed payments can also make it great for one-off and variable payments too.

The Direct Debit Guarantee: your rights as a customer

The Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers against payments made in error or fraudulently, making Direct Debit the UK's safest payment method.