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ACH fees - how much does ACH cost?

Brad Ewin
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Last editedMay 20221 min read

The cost of accepting ACH payments varies depending on a number of factors.

ACH Fees

The median internal cost for processing ACH payments is $0.29.

However, the total cost associated with accepting ACH payments varies depending on a number of factors. Still, ACH pricing is often much cheaper than the fees associated with accepting card payments.

One of the biggest influences on the cost of accepting ACH payments is the volume of transactions your business intends to process. Businesses with larger transaction volumes tend to pay less per transaction.

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When accessing ACH indirectly through a TPPP, a number of types of fees may be involved. Merchant Maverick suggests typical fees include:

Type of fee Typical cost
Flat fee (per transaction) $0.20 - $1.50
Percentage fee (per transaction) 0.5% - 1.5%
Monthly fee $5 - $30
Batch fee (per batch) << $1
ACH return fee (per return) $2 - $5
ACH reversal / chargeback fee (per instance) $5 - $25

Some providers may charge any number of additional (and potentially hidden) fees. Before choosing a TPPP for your business, always read their terms and conditions thoroughly, and discuss with them if necessary, to ensure you are aware of all fees they may charge you.

For larger businesses that are capable of accessing ACH, fees are likely to be even lower.

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