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Recurring Payment Services in 4 numbers

By Ben SimsSep 20141 min read

We have put a lot of work recently into creating our Recurring Payments Guide. Here is a round-up of the key facts in four numbers.


  • It takes 20x the amount of time per week to administer a Do It Yourself Credit Card or Direct Debit solution than a payment processor or GoCardless.

  • There is 20x more churn using a credit card solution than using GoCardless.


  • You will need to take at least £10,000 a month in transactions to obtain an SUN number or a merchant account from a bank.

  • Banks will typically keep £10,000 as a bond from you when you set up a merchant account or an SUN number, in case you have any payment problems in the future.


  • The minimum amount of time it takes to obtain an SUN number and get set up with most Direct Debit solutions is 4 months.

  • It takes roughly 4 weeks to set up a merchant account and integrate it into a Do It Yourself Credit Card service.


  • Credit Card chargebacks will cost you around £15.

  • Direct Debit bureaus may hold 15% of each transaction you make to cover potential chargebacks.

  • You may be charged £15 per month to take payments in another currency when using certain Do It Yourself Credit Card solutions.

Want to find out more?

You can find out more in our Recurring Payments Guide, or sign up for GoCardless here.

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