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Happy National Customer Service Week 2020!

Jess Harris
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Last editedOct 20201 min read

What we're doing

This week we’re celebrating National Customer Service Week, a countrywide event in the UK that highlights the value of great customer service and recognises the awesome people that deliver this across the business.

Here at GoCardless, we aim to celebrate the best of our customer service every day. During this week, we’ll be creating unique events to motivate, reward and empower our teams across the business, to keep us focused on the value of providing spectacular, tailored customer service.

The most important part

Just as important to us are you: our customers! We wouldn’t be here without you - you’re truly the most important part of GoCardless. We’ll be breathing life into your feedback by broadcasting your experiences about GoCardless across the entire organisation and beyond.

Keep an eye on our Instagram account this week to view this in action!

A difficult year

We also know that this year has been an incredibly difficult one for both our customers and our teams. Luckily, GoCardless was ahead of the curve in the way in which we reacted to the impending threat of Covid-19.

We were one of the first to shut down our main offices and work remotely as an entire team. We had to quickly develop ways of working that didn’t compromise on our customer service in any way.

We’ve implemented virtual tea breaks, quizzes and personal check-ins, to promote team cohesion and wellbeing and we continue to find new ways to work at home.

This shift to remote-based working was all done without impacting how we interact with our customers on a daily basis. We’re pretty proud of that (and we hope you are too!).

Get involved

If you want to join us in celebrating National Customer Service Week, or you simply just want to share with us stories of your own customer service experiences during 2020, please get in touch on Twitter using the hashtag #GCService.

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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