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GoCardless Customer Advocacy takes home one win and two finalist spots at the CAP Awards

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Last editedAug 20222 min read

GoCardless Customer Advocacy takes home one win and two finalist spots at the CAP Awards

The GoCardless Customer Advocacy team celebrated one win and two finalist spots at the Customer Advocacy Practice (CAP) Awards by Captivate Collective this week, the industry’s first and only non-platform sponsored awards.

The CAP Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate exceptional people and advocacy programs, with no hidden agendas. Whether you’re a start-up or enterprise, a big player with a big budget and fancy tools, or a scrappy challenger with resources to match, it doesn’t matter. The CAP Awards want to level the playing field and put the best pound-for-pound performers up on the podium.

We’re super proud of the team for winning the Advocacy Impact Award. Delivering a return on investment to the business is critical to any advocacy programme and being recognised as an industry-leader in this space validates their measurement methodology approach.

Head of Customer Advocacy, Catherine Staite, was also nominated for the Advocacy Mindset Award, and one of our customers, Alex Fitzgerald, CEO of Cuckoo, was nominated for Advocate of the Year.

All business value, all the time

The Customer Advocacy team works hard to ensure everything they do aligns with the goals of the business, continuously engaging with stakeholders and creating content that accelerates sales and marketing efforts.

They have adopted a measurement approach that focuses on both influenced revenue and brand awareness to evaluate their impact, constantly iterating and optimising based on data and stakeholder feedback.

Nothing without our customers

Being nominated for the Advocacy Mindset Award is special because our customers are the heart of what we do. While striving to be one of the best Customer Advocacy teams out there, continuously learning and trying new things, the team knows that creating value for customers is crucial. They always ask customers how we can add value to their business - whether that’s helping to share a story with their key stakeholders, attract new talent, or get some well-earned recognition.

Shout out to a standout - and stand-up - advocate: Alex Fitzgerald

Alex is CEO of Cuckoo Broadband and finalist for Advocate of the Year. Cuckoo is the UK’s challenger internet service provider, striving to bring simplicity and transparency to an often bewildering market. Since March 2021, they’ve changed the game when it comes to 360-degree advocacy, working with us on a number of video, social and PR initiatives and popping along for webinars and events. They’ve also proved that honesty is the foundation of every great friendship, helping us to get better by trialling new products and telling us what they really think about them.

To find out more about the work of the GoCardless Customer Advocacy team, view our stories here.

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