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GoCardless and Tech Zero Climate Action Workshop

Nov 20212 min read

On Friday 3rd December, we will be running our first-ever Climate Action Workshop, bringing together our GeeCees, Tech Zero members, customers, and other businesses to collaborate on taking climate action. 

We will be running a variety of sessions throughout the day and it's open for everyone to join us virtually. You can pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend below. We will be joined by some wonderful guests on the day, such as Rebalance Earth, Toast Ale, and the Woodland Trust, and we hope that you can tune in and join us virtually! 

Workshop programme

Session one (10:30am): GoCardless Sustainability Focus

In this session, a panel of senior GoCardless team members will be discussing why sustainability is important to GoCardless, what we have done so far, and what our next steps are. 

  • Catherine Birkett - GoCardless CFO 

  • Eva Ducruezet - GoCardless Chief People Officer & VP Strategy and Business Operations

  • Lena Tailor - GoCardless Director of D&I 

  • Ben Knight - GoCardless Head of Environmental Sustainability 

  • Moderated by Linda Yang - GoCardless Head of PR 

Attend the GoCardless Sustainability Focus session using this link.

Session two (11:30am): Tech Zero Roundtable: Collaborating for Climate Action 

The Tech Zero coalition is a group of >200 businesses all taking climate action. This session will bring together some Tech Zero members, explaining what Tech Zero is, why collaboration through Tech Zero is important, where they are on their journey, and the challenges they have faced. You can also hear about how to get involved with Tech Zero.

Attend the Tech Zero Roundtable by clicking this link and please use entry passcode 055882.

Session three (12:30pm): Nature and Biodiversity Panel in climate action

In this session, we will be discussing the importance of considering the natural world in climate action, and how biodiversity and nature can play its part in helping businesses to become more sustainable. 

  • Moderated by Alice Ivell - GoCardless 

Attend the Nature and Biodiversity Panel by clicking the link here and using the passcode 907448.

Session four (2pm): Action Planning Workshop (in person only) 

Unfortunately, due to the practical nature of this session, it will only be for those attending in person. In this session we will be working with some of our customers, Tech Zero partners, suppliers, and other businesses to develop action plans.

Session five (3pm): Screening of Our Planet; Our Business 

In our office, we’ll be screening Our Planet; Our Business via a Bike Powered Cinema! Whilst you can't join us on a bike, you can watch this online here. 

Session six (4pm): Hackathon: NetZero, Nature Positive 

The need for businesses and individuals to not only reduce their impact on the natural world, but to go beyond this and create positive change is clear. 

In the spirit of collaborative action, we will ask our Hackers to work together for ideas that look at:

  • Why should we take action on climate and biodiversity loss? 

  • How can businesses take action? 

  • Guest question from our customer

  • How can you take action in your day-to-day role? 

  • How can you take action in your personal life? 

  • How can we go beyond reducing impact, and creating positive action? 

Join our Hackathon by clicking the link here and using passcode 902379.

Session seven (5pm): Food Waste and circular economy with Toast Ale

We’ll be finishing off the day with a talk by Rob Wilson from Toast Ale, looking at the role of the food industry and the circular economy. Toast Ale use surplus bread to make their beer - which would otherwise have gone to waste - avoiding land-use, water and energy consumption, but also donate all their profits to charity. 

Join us for the final talk of the day by clicking the link here and using passcode 486716.

This is our first-ever Climate Action Workshop, and so we'll be learning alongside any businesses that wish to join us and tune in virtually. We look forward to seeing you on the 3rd December!

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