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Celebrating Black History Month: Proud to be a Black lawyer

Glenys Nkrumah
Written by

Last editedOct 20211 min read

In the final instalment in our employee spotlight series, we talk to Umeadi Ifeonye who tells us about her time living in other countries and why she believes in being your authentic self.

Proud to be a Black lawyer

What do you do?

I’m a Senior Legal Counsel within the Risk organisation within GoCardless.

How long have you been at GoCardless?

It’s been four wonderful months!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you

I’ve lived in four different countries in three continents.

Who is someone that has inspired you and why?

People tend to be inspired by celebrities/well-known people. But I don’t need to look any further than my mum! She is beyond inspiring - I’m in awe of everything she has accomplished regardless of the circumstances.

What is your favourite book or podcast?

I don’t have one particular favourite book or podcast. I enjoy books and discussions about various topics, such as history, travel, philosophy and empowering black people.

What does the theme ‘Proud to be’ mean to you? 

For me, ‘Proud to be’ means owning who I am, embracing my culture, learning from our history and being unashamedly me. It means wearing clothes and hairstyles that represent me and my roots, speaking my indigenous language openly, promoting my local cuisine (such as serving it at a dinner party), and supporting others who are also ‘Proud to be’.

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