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A day in the life of Bryan Valery, Customer Support Advocate

Bryan Valery
Written by

Last editedJan 20202 min read

For part four of National Customer Service Week, we explore what a typical day in the Customer Support team might look like.

I’ve been at GoCardless for a little over a year now. Having previously worked as a customer support manager in another company, I really missed the interaction and direct problem-solving that you get when working with customers first-hand. I also wanted to switch to a night shift, as it’s a much better fit for my lifestyle. I’m sure I’m part werewolf because I actually prefer working while the rest of London is asleep. Working as a remote customer support advocate is ideal for me and allows me to help customers while exploring my personal creative writing goals. 

Assisting customers on the other side of the world

My role is focussed around phone and email queries, from a wide array of customers. From potential businesses to seasoned GoCardless customers, the customer support advocates are here to answer your questions and help solve any problems you may have. Working during the night is also ideal, as I get to personally support our customers from Australia and New Zealand.

It’s always a joy to receive a call from Australia and New Zealand and get to assist customers on the other side of the world. However, this can come with its own set of challenges. We work hard to ensure that the same level of support is offered to all our customers, no matter where they are. Making sure that we have the correct tools, knowledge and support-networks in place to do this is no simple task. We’re constantly working with our central London head office to ensure that we are producing something we are proud of and can help support all customers, no matter where they are.

Helping customers become experts

Working with the Australian market means that you get to give a lot of care and attention to new customers. A few months ago, I was speaking with a customer who had stopped using her accountant, as she wanted to take ownership of that side of her business herself. This meant that she needed our guidance to get to know GoCardless and get comfortable with it quickly.

After a few calls, we’re proud to say that she is now a GoCardless and GoCardless for Xero expert! We’ve spoken since to check in and everything is going well. She’s told us that she’s glad she found GoCardless, due to our support team being willing to spend the required time to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

This is the type of moment that makes you smile and makes me want to do the same for any customer who reaches out for help.  Helping someone to resolve an issue, learn something new or answer their burning question is really satisfying and I love being one of the go-to people for our customers. 

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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