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Merchant of the Month: Toothpick

Ben Sims
Written by

Last editedOct 20201 min read

Last week, one of our merchants, Toothpick, was nominated as the Best Health Startup in the Europas (GC are also up for Best Fintech Startup and Best Co-founders!). This followed Toothpick's other exciting announcement that they had surpassed 100,000 bookings – or £17m worth of dentistry - in their first year. With all of this fantastic news it seems only right that Toothpick is May’s Merchant of the Month

Toothpick is the UK’s first, and leading, nationwide service for live, online dental appointment booking. Using Toothpick, patients can book straight into a dentist’s calendar, making it easy to find a dental appointment when you really need one regardless of the time of day.

Toothpick has been using GoCardless since September 2012 via Xero and Directli to collect payments from their customers conveniently and affordably.

Toothpick Co-founder Jozef Wallis explains why they chose GoCardless:

“We found out about GoCardless and realised that it was revolutionary compared to how we were doing it. It just seemed simpler and more convenient than any other option. It also gives us the streamlined, paperless process we wanted and makes it incredibly easy to collect payments even as we grow.”

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