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Synergy Car Leasing

“GoCardless has played a key role in helping us increase our turnover and offer additional, revenue-generating services to our clients”

Paul Parkinson, Founder & CEO, Synergy Car Leasing

Synergy Car Leasing


Vehicle leasing provider


Uses GoCardless for Xero

Payment Type

Recurring Payments

Find out more about Synergy Car Leasing

Synergy Car Leasing is a UK-based vehicle leasing provider, offering a variety of different automotive leasing options to personal and business clients nationwide.

Celebrating over 14 years in business, Synergy Car Leasing was founded by Paul Parkinson with one mission at heart - provide clients a great leasing experience.

The challenge with growing the business

Part of Synergy’s growth plan involved building out a new offering - short-term rentals. However, their existing billing set up couldn’t facilitate the variable monthly payments required.

Paul and his team were looking to grow the business, but they were left facing increases in internal overheads and resources.

The solution would come through a recommendation from their CRM provider.

Why Synergy chose GoCardless

Compared to other payment providers, Paul’s team saw GoCardless as the most efficient and cost-effective route to grow the business.

In addition to providing the ability to collect variable monthly payments, Synergy chose GoCardless for:

  • Ease of use

  • Integration with their accounting software, Xero

  • Notifications and data on payment status

We chose GoCardless because it was the best payment provider for us to process variable monthly payments. It came highly recommended to us, and we loved how easy it was to set up, integrate with Xero, and start collecting payments. Plus, being able to see the status of any payment in just a few clicks is brilliant.

Setting up and seeing results

When asked about how setting up GoCardless was for Synergy, Paul called the process “extremely easy”, taking “no time at all.”

And Paul attributes using GoCardless to significant business impact:

GoCardless has played a key role in helping us increase our turnover and offer additional, revenue-generating services to our clients with these short-term rentals. We wouldn’t have been able to build out this new offering in a profitable way without it.

In addition to the revenue growth, Synergy sees a payment failure rate of less than 1% with GoCardless. Significantly below the UK average payment failure rates of 8% for Direct Debit in general, 8.4% for card payments, and 7.3% for bank transfers.

We would have no hesitation in recommending GoCardless as a 10. It’s a no-hassle solution that fits perfectly with our business ethos.