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Direct Debit

2 min readRecurring Payments

Best gym membership management software

Learn what to look for in the best gym membership software.

3 min readEnterprise

The 8 dimensions of payments: Success

Find out everything you need to know about reducing payment failure

3 min readRecurring Payments

Common challenges when trying to accept recurring payments

Discover the best way to accept recurring payments online.

2 min readDirect Debit

How merchants should fight chargebacks

If a chargeback seems illegitimate it should always be fought, when possible

2 min readDirect Debit

What is bank giro credit (BGC)?

How do you use a bank giro credit transfer to pay bills?

2 min readDirect Debit

Direct Debit vs Recurring Payment

Is it better to use Direct Debit or recurring card payments?

2 min readDirect Debit

Why Has My Direct Debit Been Returned?

Why would a direct debit request be returned?

2 min readDirect Debit

Do Direct Debits Affect Your Credit Score?

How could direct debits boost your credit score?

2 min readDirect Debit

How Long Does a Direct Debit Refund Take?

Want to know how long for a direct debit refund? Find out here.

2 min readCards

Does a new card mean changing Direct Debits?

Do you need to change your direct debits when you get a new card?

2 min readDirect Debit

Can I change a direct debit?

How to amend and cancel direct debits and update payment bank details.

2 min readDirect Debit

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Debit

There are a number of different advantages and disadvantages of direct debit.

2 min readPartners

How to set up Direct Debit payments in Xero

Can Xero do Direct Debit, and how do you get started?

2 min readPartners

How to set up Direct Debit payments in QuickBooks

Learn how to enter a Direct Debit in QuickBooks with GoCardless.

2 min readPartners

How to set up a Direct Debit in Sage

Use GoCardless to set up Sage Direct Debit for easier payments.

2 min readBacs

How do Bacs direct debit rules apply to my business?

These are the direct debit rules you need to know

2 min readDirect Debit

How Do I Reinstate A Direct Debit?

Learn how to reinstate direct debits and ensure continuity of payment.

3 min readDirect Debit

How to Set Up Direct Debit for Small Business

Direct Debit may seem inaccessible to small businesses, we debunk the myth...

7 min readBacs

A Complete Guide to Bacs Payments

A guide on Bacs payments in the UK: everything you need to know about Direct Debit, Bacs Direct Credit, CHAPS and Faster Payments.

2 min readDirect Debit

5 things Direct Debit can do for your business

The average small business is owed over 63k in outstanding payments, which means spending extra time, money and resource chasing payments. In this guide, we look at 5 ways Direct Debit can help solve these problems.

2 min readBacs

Bacs approved bureaus

This guide walks you through what a Bacs approved bureau is and the benefits and reasons for using one.

2 min readDirect Debit

Charities: which Direct Debit bureau is right for you?

Direct debit is a great way for charities to collect payments and the three main providers are GoCardless, Valldata & Rapidata.

2 min readDirect Debit

The Direct Debit Guarantee: your rights as a customer

The Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers against payments made in error or fraudulently, making Direct Debit the UK's safest payment method.

2 min readCash flow

Landlords: Should you be using Direct Debit?

Cater better to yours and your tenants' needs with Direct Debit.

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