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Rob Keating


Direct Debit: a beginner's guide

Everything you wanted to know about Direct Debit.



Our guide to collecting payments by SEPA

5 min readCash flow

What is the best method for collecting rent?

Here's how to get your tenants to pay rent on time

5 min readPayments

Online Payment Methods: How to accept payments online

If you want to accept payments online, you have two main options: Credit (or Debit) Card and Direct Debit. To help you get to grips with your online payment options we've run through the main choices at a high level here.

3 min readCash flow

Late payments: 5 tips to get your customers to pay on time

GoCardless has helped businesses in the hospitality sector like Bookatable and Zenchef. Here’s how.

2 min readCash flow

Landlords: Should you be using Direct Debit?

Cater better to yours and your tenants' needs with Direct Debit.

1 min readPayments

Four things to know about cancelling Direct Debit payments

The ability to instantly cancel a Direct Debit instruction is an important right for your customers.

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