A simpler way to take Direct Debit payments

Join the hundreds of charities who use GoCardless to collect donations

Improved donor experience

Make it easy for donors to sign up and ensure they remain connected to your core mission.

Superior payment capabilities

Optimise your submissions to reduce error and disruption. A cloud solution that's built to scale.

Stay connected

Give your team the best tools by connecting Direct Debit to your billing and CRM systems.

"We chose GoCardless for 3 reasons: it's easy for our team to use, easy for our supporters to use, and the fees are brilliantly low. What's more, the quality of service we've received from the team has been fantastic."

Brian Cormack

Brian Cormack, Foundation of Hearts

An improved donor experience

Works everywhere

Allow donors to set up Direct Debit payments by paper, telephone or online form. With online, your donors can sign up from both desktop and mobile.

Flexible submissions

Maximise your donor relationship by billing immediately after sign up or by offering flexible contribution dates.


Allow your donors to upgrade or downgrade their recurring contributions with a single click.

Superior payment capabilities

Failure handling

Easily retry failed payments and rectify chargebacks with immediate notifications via email and API.

Reduce errors

Automated submissions and built-in bank account validation help to prevent costly billing errors.


Collect payments from customers based in the UK and Europe

Connected to your organisation

Customer service

GoCardless integrates with CRM systems to provide actionable account information, enabling faster resolution to customer contacts.


Maximise your donor lifetime value by identifying payment behaviours likely to result in churn.


Easily reconcile your contributions with fully documented transfers including all failures and deductions.

A smarter and easier way to take Direct Debit payments

Simple migration

It's quick and easy to move all of your existing donors over to GoCardless.

Suitable for everyone

Get started quickly with our easy-to-use dashboard or integrate our powerful API into your system.

Transparent pricing

No set up costs, hidden charges or minimum commitments.

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